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PPE unmasked: Australia's healthcare workers are inadequately protected

12 August, 2020 by Alicia Dennis, University of Melbourne and Jane L Whitelaw, University of Wollongong for The Conversation

National guidance needs to be urgently updated to reflect safest practice and acknowledge what we're learning about the airborne spread of the virus.

Sun safety sensor lets you know when you've had too much

11 August, 2020

Researchers at Macquarie University's Nanotechnology Laboratory have created a personalised, wearable UV-sensitive device that could help millions avoid skin cancer.

Woman acquires impetigo in "unclean" quarantine hotel

10 August, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

A woman in her 30s claims to have acquired impetigo, a contagious skin infection, during her stay at a quarantine hotel in Sydney.

WA team treat heart disease with cancer therapy

07 August, 2020

The team of doctors used stereotactic ablative body radiotherapy to treat a patient with a life-threatening arrhythmia known as ventricular tachycardia.

Sniffer dogs train to detect COVID-19

04 August, 2020

Researchers at the University of Adelaide are working with international partners to train sniffer dogs to detect COVID-19.

Dental association anticipates COVID cavity spike

03 August, 2020

One in three of us is walking around with untreated tooth decay, while one in four has periodontal disease with periodontal pockets 4 mm or deeper.

Derungs UV Steriliser

01 August, 2020 | Supplied by: Hospital Products Australia

Derungs' UV Steriliser delivers high-energy UV-C radiation to destroy virus and bacteria DNA and can be used wherever immediate sterilisation is required for better hygiene.

Veolia supports COVID-19 clinical waste collection in Melbourne

01 August, 2020 | Supplied by: Veolia Australia and New Zealand

Veolia has been collecting, transporting and treating clinical waste streams generated at the COVID-19 testing site at Melbourne Showgrounds.

Watch the battle: soap vs COVID-19

31 July, 2020

UNSW academics have released a 3D visualisation of soap destroying the coronavirus to remind Australians that simply washing your hands can help stem the pandemic.

Program helps pharmacists wise up to pain

31 July, 2020

A new online program has been launched to ensure pharmacists are well placed to manage pain.

Arthritis drug could let coeliac patients eat gluten

30 July, 2020

A treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and bowel disease could allow people with coeliac disease to eat gluten without consequences.

NSW could be steps behind Vic's worsening COVID-19 crisis

28 July, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

New South Wales (NSW) may be just steps behind Victoria's worsening COVID-19 crisis unless rigorous infection control measures are maintained.

World Hepatitis Day: COVID-19's impact on hepatitis elimination

27 July, 2020

Dual pandemics — what will COVID-19 mean for hepatitis C elimination? is an online event that will discuss the immense challenges COVID-19 brings to hepatitis C elimination.

Pain survey shows decline in patient–GP relationship

27 July, 2020

Australians suffering with chronic pain have reported a worsening in their relationship with their GP and pharmacist over the past two years, according to the National Pain Survey 2020.

Mary's painful experience sparked a CRPS support group

27 July, 2020 by Jane Allman

Injuries sustained in a car accident left Mary in intense pain — she was eventually diagnosed with complex regional pain syndrome.

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