A Day in the Life of Chris Barakat from Healthshare

16 July, 2018 by | Supplied by: Healthshare Pty Ltd

Barakat meets with healthcare stakeholders including practitioners, hospitals, pharma and more to help solve their health system issues through technology.

Advantech makes Top 100 Healthcare IT list in US

11 July, 2018 by | Supplied by: Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

Advantech was very pleased, but not surprised, to find itself on the 2018 Healthcare Informatics 100 list.

Healthcare innovation contributes $4bn to economy

05 July, 2018 by

A surge in healthcare innovation has contributed a windfall to the Australian economy in the past year.

UX: it's all about the patient and clinician experience

01 July, 2018 by | Supplied by: HISA

As a hospital or health organisation clinician, patient or carer, you may have heard about the importance of UX (user experience) and the impact on daily delivery of health care.

Advantech AIM-55 Medical-Grade Tablet

01 July, 2018 by | Supplied by: Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

The Aim-55 tablet has built-in Wi-Fi, NFC, 3G/4G LTE and Bluetooth 4.0 technologies.

Eurofield Information Solutions TurboGrouper medical coding and grouping

13 June, 2018 by | Supplied by: Eurofield Information Solutions Pty Ltd

TurboGrouper undertakes grouping of coded medical records into Australian Refined-Diagnosis Related Groups.

At the cutting edge

04 June, 2018 by Rebecca Laborde* | Supplied by: Oracle Australia

Since the discovery of CRISPR technology, research into genomic science and novel therapy development has exploded. Dr Rebecca Laborde explains the science behind CRISPR and how it is encouraging research innovation.

UK data protection law takes effect

04 June, 2018 by Dylan Bushell-Embling

UK citizens will be able to demand free access to data held on them by organisations under a new data protection law coming into effect.

In Conversation… with Dr Rebecca Laborde

22 May, 2018 by Laini Bennett | Supplied by: Oracle Australia

Dr Laborde explains how data is being used not only for research, but to create efficiencies, reduced costs and improved patient outcomes in health care.

Government-focused media, research and events firms join forces

22 May, 2018 by

A new media and events alliance is set to provide those working in tech and procurement roles across all levels of government with more quality content.

Sabotage from within

15 May, 2018 by Kevin Cunningham*

IT strategies that meet the bare minimum compliance regulations are not an option for healthcare organisations, or they may find themselves fending off attacks from within.

ChemDAQ Steri-Trac PAA Chemical Air Monitoring System

03 April, 2018 by | Supplied by: Gallay Medical & Scientific Pty Ltd

ChemDAQ's Steri-Trac PAA Chemical Air Monitoring System provides tools to help manage exposure limits.

Making telehealth a reality

20 March, 2018 by Dr Louise Schaper* | Supplied by: HISA

Embedding telehealth into clinical consultations is a priority reform area of Australia's National Digital Health Strategy.

Dressed for medical success

06 March, 2018 by Chris Huang*

E-textiles are set to revolutionise health care.

Bing EasyPost Mailroom

27 February, 2018 by | Supplied by: Bing Technologies

Bing Technologies has developed the EasyPost Mailroom software that enables healthcare professionals to securely send highly sensitive communications via online, e-comms, printed mail, texts etc.

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