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Brain disorders cost Australians $74 billion per annum

19 March, 2019

A new white paper has found that neurological, mental health and substance use disorders are having a staggering impact on the Australian economy.

Containing infectious diseases

18 March, 2019 by Ramon Z Shaban*, Julie E Potter^

HCIDs can be devastating. We look at their key features, their consequences for health clinicians and the importance of biocontainment.

Eggs are bad for your heart — it's no yolk

18 March, 2019

A major long-term study has found that eggs do increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and death. Researchers recommend eating fewer eggs — but not giving them up.

Groundbreaking blood test for PTSD

14 March, 2019

A new blood test can identify people at risk of stress disorders, or who are experiencing them severely.

Autism death rates twice that of general population

13 March, 2019

The death rates of people with autism spectrum disorder are twice that of the general population. But their autism is not the primary cause of death.

1 in 5 pancreatic cancers caused by smoking

12 March, 2019

New research has found that 1 in 5 former and current smokers will suffer from pancreatic cancer — and the risks are worse for men.

When hospitals lead to harm: opioid year of action

11 March, 2019 by Kristin Michaels*

With 70% of hospitals often supplying postoperative opioid prescriptions 'just in case', hospital pharmacies are in a position to take action.

Time between pregnancies not linked to stillbirth risk

05 March, 2019

A new study has confirmed that there is no increased risk of adverse birth outcomes if a woman falls pregnant within 12 months of a stillbirth.

Electrolux Professional Barrier Laundry System

05 March, 2019 | Supplied by: Electrolux Professional

The Electrolux Professional Barrier Laundry System is designed to meet the most stringent requirements of sanitation.

Disinfectant wipes: how good are they really?

01 March, 2019 by Ivan Obreza, Healthcare Sector Leader | Supplied by: Diversey Australia Pty Ltd

When compared to traditional cleaning methods, wipes decrease the time to clean patient rooms by 23% and they reduce the human capital cost by around $50 per employee per day.

How correct ultrasound disinfection procedures protect patients

01 March, 2019 by Jon Burdach, PhD, Head of Clinical Affairs, Nanosonics Limited | Supplied by: Regional Health Care Group Pty Ltd

Correct disinfection of re-usable medical devices, including ultrasound probes, is important to prevent infection transmission.

Over 40 and male? Start doing push-ups

28 February, 2019

Middle-aged men able to do 40 push-ups are at low risk of a cardiovascular event. Indeed, push-ups are more effective than treadmills at identifying CVD risk.

Thousands of heart patients at high risk of second event

26 February, 2019

Report: Patients who've had a heart attack are twice as likely to die prematurely compared to the general population, in part due to sub-optimal care.

Pumped breastmilk link to chronic disease

22 February, 2019

A major study has found that pumped breastmilk may contain an increase in pathogens that can lead to chronic disease.

Suicide victims often hide suicidal thoughts: study

19 February, 2019

People who die by suicide do not necessarily express their suicidal thoughts to health professionals, according to a new study.

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