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Snake parasite found in a woman's brain at Canberra Hospital

29 August, 2023

Researchers at Canberra Hospital and The Australian National University have found a live eight-centimetre roundworm in the brain of a 64-year-old Australian woman.

Cold-stored platelets being trialled in Aust hospitals

28 August, 2023

A cold platelets trial is testing if platelets stored at 4°C are better at reducing blood loss during complex cardiac surgery.

More than half of heart diseases linked to lifestyle factors

28 August, 2023

Five classic risk factors — overweight, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, smoking and diabetes mellitus — are linked to more than half of cardiovascular diseases worldwide.

Icon Group, Nuffield Health team up to meet rising cancer care demand

23 August, 2023

UK healthcare charity Nuffield Health and Icon Group, Australian specialist oncology services provider, have signed a strategic partnership to deliver oncology services in the UK.

Study examines early rGS for infantile epilepsy diagnosis

22 August, 2023

A study has examined using rapid genome sequencing to diagnose babies with epilepsy, informing improved treatment plan changes according to individual needs.

Trial to assess endometrial cancer treatment

16 August, 2023

Approval has been granted for a $3.1 million grant to study the effectiveness of sentinel lymph node removal during early-stage endometrial cancer surgery.

DHCRC pilot to better support menopausal women in the workplace

16 August, 2023

A new DHCRC pilot project, with Western Sydney University and digital health startup Metluma, aims to better support women experiencing menopause in the workplace.

Ultrasound technique used for difficult venous access

15 August, 2023

Research into the use of ultrasound techniques to assist with intravenous cannula treatment has been implemented for Australian children.

Blood test could help predict risk of death in two years: study

09 August, 2023

A blood test to detect higher levels of a heart protein, called troponin, could help predict the risk of death from any cause in the next few years, claims a large UK study.

Tech to improve wound management, resolve excessive scarring

09 August, 2023

Dr Xanthe Strudwick is working with researchers to examine the development of chronic wounds and how to resolve excessive scarring.

Childhood trauma may increase risk of pregnancy complications

07 August, 2023

The risk of pregnancy complications and of giving birth to underweight and/or premature babies may be significantly higher for women who experience childhood trauma.

PSA launches updated Professional Practice Standards

07 August, 2023

The PSA has released revised Professional Practice Standards for clinical activities undertaken by pharmacists in differing specialty areas.

Discovery could lead to improved chronic worm treatment

31 July, 2023

A Monash University study has uncovered why some intestinal worm infections become chronic, which could eventually lead to human vaccines and improved treatments.

Illicit drugs behind one in three sudden cardiac deaths: Vic study

31 July, 2023

Around one-third of young adults in Victoria who experienced sudden cardiac deaths (SCDs) outside of a hospital setting from April 2019 to April 2021 used illegal drugs prior to their fatal events.

New CHAP project to support country heart patients

26 July, 2023

The Country Health Attack Prevention program, or CHAP Project, is tailor-made for country people's recovery and secondary prevention support.

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