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Antimicrobial resistance remains a threat in Aus hospitals

10 August, 2018

CPE and Neisseria gonorrhoeae continue to be the most commonly reported organisms with critical resistances to antimicrobials across Australia.

Boxer shorts are best for male fertility

09 August, 2018

In the largest study of its kind, men who wear boxer shorts have been found to have significantly better chances of conceiving than men who wear tight-fitting underwear.

New treatment puts cancer to sleep — permanently

06 August, 2018

A new class of medication prevents cancer from dividing and proliferating, effectively stopping it in its tracks.

New arrhythmia guidelines released

02 August, 2018

In the past decade, deaths from atrial fibrillation — the major cause of stroke — have increased by 82%. New guidelines seek to counter this.

Dramatic increase in cardiac implants

30 July, 2018

Implantable cardioverter defibrillator procedures have risen significantly, with over 75% of recipients being men.

Child sepsis deaths can be avoided

27 July, 2018

A child's chance of surviving sepsis increases by 40% if hospitals provide a full treatment protocol within the critical 1st hour of discovery.

Blood test reduces risk for brain injury patients

26 July, 2018

A new, high-sensitivity blood test trialled on TBI patients could reduce unnecessary CT scans by one-third.

Adrenaline risk for cardiac patients

25 July, 2018

Adrenaline doubles the risk of severe brain damage in cardiac arrest patients and only increases their chance of survival by 1%.

Falling down

24 July, 2018 by Daniela Feuerlicht, Suzanne Sheppard-Law, Reece Hinchcliff*

Too often, children are being injured by falls while in hospital, presenting a significant challenge to healthcare providers. Two organisations step up to change the status quo.

Diabetes increases cancer risk — especially for women

21 July, 2018

Women with diabetes are 27% more likely to develop cancer than their male counterparts.

Australia's 'hidden affliction': chronic wounds

19 July, 2018

Health practitioners are being asked to help raise awareness of chronic wounds, especially with at-risk ageing patients.

Melanoma blood test could save thousands

18 July, 2018 | Supplied by: Edith Cowan University

A new blood test that can identify melanoma in its early stages could save thousands of lives — and dollars.

Should hand air-dryers be used in a healthcare setting?

12 July, 2018 by Cathryn Murphy*

Research suggests that hot air- and jet air-dryers should not be used in a healthcare setting.

When no-one is looking

11 July, 2018

Hand hygiene levels in hospitals drop dramatically when no-one is watching, according to a new UNSW study.

1 in 5 Australians chemically sensitive

10 July, 2018

Common chemicals are causing many Australians to develop debilitating sensitivities.

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