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Device blocks the pain of shots

14 April, 2021

ShotBlocker is a non-invasive solution that has been shown to reduce or remove pain in 93.2% of users at half the cost of topical freezing sprays and anaesthetic creams.

FreshLeaf reveals medicinal cannabis report

13 April, 2021

The product, pricing and patient analysis found that, over the last six months, intense medicinal cannabis product competition has kept downward pressure on prices.

Pfizer preferred for <50s due to AstraZeneca blood clot risk

12 April, 2021 by Lauren Davis

The AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine will no longer be the preferred choice for Australians under the age of 50, due to rare but serious blood clotting side effects.

New adrenaline autoinjectors give choice to Australians with allergies

12 April, 2021

The approval means that Australians weighing 60 kg and over living with anaphylaxis can now access a 500 mcg adrenaline autoinjector dose.

Joint venture sets sights on hygiene innovation tech

12 April, 2021

Avalon Robotics — a joint venture between Avalon SteriTech and SoftBank Robotics Group — will focus on developing innovative products and technologies that benefit public health and wellbeing.

Zip HydroTap UltraCare

12 April, 2021 | Supplied by: Zip Industries

Zip HydroTap UltraCare uses the latest carbon-free filtration technology to filter and reduce impurities and potentially harmful contaminants larger than 0.2 microns in size.

What we can do to protect ourselves from new COVID-19 strains?

09 April, 2021 by Amy Sarcevic

With a tendency to mutate being a hallmark of any pathogen, what can we do to protect ourselves from the threat of more deadly COVID-19 strains?

Vaccinate the globe or pay, warns Oxfam

09 April, 2021

Oxfam has warned that wealthy countries must facilitate cheaper mass-produced COVID-19 vaccines to protect every person in the world to avert an economic catastrophe.

New cell-based flu vaccine to be rolled out this month

07 April, 2021 by Amy Sarcevic

This winter, for the first time, a new cell-based flu vaccine will be introduced in Australia, in a bid to boost the efficacy rates of national immunisation programs.

Whiteley Viraclean hospital-grade disinfectant

01 April, 2021 | Supplied by: Whiteley

Viraclean from Whiteley is a hospital-grade, hard surface disinfectant proven to kill a wide range of bacteria and viruses, including SARS-CoV-2 (the virus that causes COVID-19).

CleanSpace Technology CleanSpace Respirators

01 April, 2021 | Supplied by: CleanSpace Technology Pty Ltd

CleanSpace Technology's CleanSpace Respirators are designed to protect healthcare workers from airborne contaminants.

Oxair addresses global oxygen supply shortage

01 April, 2021

In response to global shortages, Oxair is spreading the word about its off-the-shelf solution — Oxygen Pressure Swing Adsorption (PSA) systems.

COVID-19 vaccine before surgery to reduce postoperative deaths: study

01 April, 2021

Vaccinating surgical patients ahead of the general population has the potential to help avoid thousands of postoperative deaths linked to the virus.

Callington Netbiokem DSAM+ Hospital Grade Disinfectant Cleaner

01 April, 2021 | Supplied by: Callington Haven Pty Ltd

Callington's Netbiokem DSAM+ Hospital Grade Disinfectant is formulated for use in healthcare facilities for broad-scale infection control.

Measuring damage to equipment from cleaning and disinfection products

31 March, 2021 | Supplied by: Reynard Health Supplies

When choosing a cleaning or disinfection product for a healthcare facility, one of the factors taken into consideration is the compatibility of the product with the equipment or surface.

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