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Seven signs of drug and alcohol dependence

27 June, 2018

With the number of drug-related deaths reaching an all-time high among men, identifying signs of dependence and facilitating treatment is essential.

Dr burnout not a 'rite of passage'

22 June, 2018

With their mental and physical wellbeing on the line, younger doctors need to be protected from burnout by their more senior colleagues.

Fake orthodontist convicted

21 June, 2018

A Victorian man, who pretended to be a dental specialist and performed restricted dental acts, has been convicted and fined $65,000.

Game-changing glove has built-in infection control

15 June, 2018

A new type of medical examination glove has built-in antimicrobial technology that is proven to prevent the spread of infection.

Superhero hospital gown to the rescue!

14 June, 2018

Inspired by his young daughter undergoing chemo, a tradie Dad and his mate have designed superhero hospital gowns for sick children.

Nurses better at identifying colorectal cancer

13 June, 2018

It seems nurses are doing a better job than doctors at identifying colorectal cancer.

Blood test predicts pregnancy due date

12 June, 2018

Researchers have developed a simple blood test that can predict a pregnant woman's delivery date.

Breast cancer eliminated by patient's own cells

12 June, 2018

A woman has been cancer-free for two years after her immune system was tweaked to destroy the disease. The treatment offers hope to other late-stage patients.

Harmful bacterial biofilms targeted by researchers

08 June, 2018 | Supplied by: Whiteley Corporation

A new manufacturing research partnership is aiming to develop solutions for harmful biofilm infections, which can cause morbidity in humans and animals.

Removing tonsils, adenoids, increases long-term risks

08 June, 2018

Tonsil and adenoid removal has been associated with significantly increased long-term risks of respiratory, allergic and infectious diseases.

Complicating the complicated

07 June, 2018 by Ramon Z Shaban, Philip L Russo, Brett G Mitchell, Julie Potter*

Hospital-acquired complications data on urinary tract infections is unreliable, and could result in hospitals being incorrectly financially penalised.

New app helps manage and reduce food allergy risk in kids

06 June, 2018

Australia has the highest rate of food allergies in the world, which is why researchers have launched a new, free app to help manage the risks.

Grants for practice nurses who champion immunisation

04 June, 2018

A new program is offering grants to practice nurses committed to supporting immunisation initiatives.

Some vitamin supplements unhealthy

31 May, 2018

A new study has found that some vitamin and mineral supplements may be detrimental, rather than beneficial, to your health.

From words to action

29 May, 2018 by Kristin Michaels*

In line with international trends, the Advancing of Australian Pharmacy Practice credential provides a pathway to improved outcomes for patients.

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