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Improve lifestyle or risk 45,000 cases of bowel cancer

28 September, 2018

If Australians don't reduce their smoking, weight gain and excessive alcohol consumption, 45,000 cases of bowel cancer are likely over the next decade.

Reduce HAIs by up to 55%

26 September, 2018

Even in high-income countries and in institutions with standard-of-care infection prevention and control measures, improvements may still be possible.

Hand hygiene Q&A

25 September, 2018

With nurses making up 50% of the healthcare workforce, do nursing students receive sufficient education on hand hygiene? We find out.

Automated temperature controls safer for vaccines

24 September, 2018 by Alan Stocker*

When materials aren't stored at the correct temperature, they become less effective or can be wasted.

CLARUS Digital Inspection Scope

24 September, 2018 | Supplied by: Device Technologies Australia Pty Ltd

The CLARUS Digital Inspection Scope is a medical-grade borescope with built-in high-definition camera and light source.

Common antibiotic destroys superbug

24 September, 2018

An adjusted antibiotic has successfully stopped superbugs Klebsiella and E. coli in their tracks, and could soon save 30,000 lives per annum.

Over 70? Avoid unnecessary aspirin

21 September, 2018

A landmark Australian-led trial has found that doctors should not prescribe low-dose daily aspirin to the elderly unless there is a clear medical benefit.

Multiprac 4.0 — infection control and staff health management system

19 September, 2018 | Supplied by: Ocean Health Systems

The Multiprac 4.0 system can be used for monitoring and managing infections and staff health in hospitals and nursing homes.

Being the 'I' in Infection Prevention

17 September, 2018 by Cathryn Murphy*

Being an infection control expert isn't always an advantage... especially when you're the patient and envisaging lurgies on every surface.

ICU sepsis rates underestimated

13 September, 2018

New research has found that the incidence and mortality rates of sepsis in Australian ICUs are significantly underestimated.

Reducing the risk of surgical site infections

11 September, 2018 by Dr Charles E Edmiston, Jr*

Using evidence-based practice to lead us to the Promised Land.

Moving ultrasound pictures capture babies' first breaths

05 September, 2018

The images represent a breakthrough in understanding how human lungs transition from the womb to the first breaths at birth.

Multiresistant superbug appears in Australia

05 September, 2018 by Professor Ramon Z Shaban*, Julie E Potter^

The multiresistant superbug Candida auris has surfaced in Australia; healthcare professionals must take action to prevent it taking hold.

Medical cannabis: much work to be done

30 August, 2018 by Drake Sutton-Shearer*

Over 90% of Australians support the legalisation of medical use cannabis but only a handful of our 38,000 GPs are able to prescribe medicinal cannabis.

9 million Australians take prescription medicines daily

28 August, 2018

More than 9 million people take a prescribed medicine daily, with 8 million taking two or more prescribed medicines a week, according to a new survey.

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