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PVC dressings — comparing the old with the new

18 February, 2019 by Emily Larsen*, Nicole Marsh^, Professor Claire Rickard**

With peripheral venous catheters failure unacceptably high, a new study identifies which dressings are the most likely to remain secure.

CareFit Slim LCD Cart, 1 Drawer (1x1)

18 February, 2019 | Supplied by: Ergotron Inc

The CareFit Slim LCD Cart is a documentation medical cart that works as a point-of-care solution at a patient's bedside, in a hallway or any other area with its slim depth and small footprint.

Common virus could trigger coeliac in kids

14 February, 2019

Children who are genetically disposed towards coeliac disease could be triggered by a common intestinal virus.

What really matters in hospital cleaning

11 February, 2019 by Lisa Hall*, Alison Farrington**

A major Australian study examined cleaning processes in 11 large hospitals. Their findings are key to helping manage infection control.

New opioid prescription guide addresses growing addiction

08 February, 2019

Double the number of Australians are dying from opioid addiction than heroin. A new opioid prescription guide for medical practitioners seeks to address this.

New alternative trauma diagnosis framework

07 February, 2019 by Dr Cathy Kezelman AM*

The Power Threat Meaning Framework is an alternative diagnostic tool, focusing on the impact of power on us all — including trauma victims. 

Caesarians increase risk of postnatal depression

06 February, 2019

Study author calls for increased emotional support for women who've had emergency caesarians to reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

Painkillers improve head, neck cancer

01 February, 2019

Painkillers such as aspirin and ibuprofen have been found to significantly improve survival rates for head or neck cancer patients with the PIK3CA mutation.

Study: Hand hygiene low among paramedics

31 January, 2019

A new study has found that, while basic hygiene standards were high, hand hygiene standards practised by paramedics appear to be "remarkably low".

Some Vic doctors breaking the law re abortion

31 January, 2019

Vic doctors who consciensciously object to abortion and don't recommend their patient to another doctor are breaking the law — and risking patient health.

Scented hearts bond premmies and parents

28 January, 2019

One hospital has joined forces with a local quilting club to help premmies and parents bond — over hand-stitched hearts, infused with their own scent.

Australian organ donation reaches record rates

26 January, 2019

A record-breaking increase in organ donation registration has seen more lives saved via transplants and placed Australia in the top 15 for organ donation.

Delay newborn bath to improve breastfeeding

25 January, 2019

Delaying a newborn's first bath by 12 hours may significantly improve breastfeeding exclusivity, and make it easier for the baby to latch.

Nicotine found in 'nicotine-free' products

19 January, 2019

Australian researchers found nicotine in six varieties of 'nicotine-free' e-cigarette liquids bought online and over the counter from Australian suppliers.

Keep EpiPens out of hot cars

18 January, 2019

Patients should avoid leaving their EpiPens in hot cars in the summer as it decreases their potency, puttng patients at risk.

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