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Fluorescent guide can help detect tumour left behind after surgery

23 May, 2023

A new technique designed to allow surgeons to identify and remove residual tumour tissue during breast-conserving surgery is said to have shown promising results.

Induced labour at 39 weeks could lead to better outcomes

23 May, 2023

A new study of 1.6 million women has found elective induction of labour at 39 weeks' gestation is associated with a 37% decreased risk of perineal injury.

Headaches impact 75% of Australian women

23 May, 2023

A new survey suggests headaches affect 75% of women and 54% of men — and the impact could cost the Australian economy over $35.7 billion annually.

Australian multi-year flu vaccine trial launched

23 May, 2023

Mater researchers in Brisbane are leading a trial of a flu vaccine that has the potential to provide greater and more durable protection against the virus.

The case for separation

22 May, 2023

The way specialists run their surgical operating lists is due for an overhaul, says Jane Griffiths, CEO, Day Hospitals Australia.

Concerns raised about ovulation apps and data privacy

22 May, 2023

As the use of menstrual health apps continues to grow, Flinders University law experts have warned of the legal implications of who can access this highly personal data and how can it be used.

IntraMed stainless steel sink

19 May, 2023 | Supplied by: Intraspace

The IntraMed stainless steel height-adjustable sink is designed to meet the specific needs of CSSDs (central sterile service departments).

The rising burden of severe acute pancreatitis

19 May, 2023

A new study calls for more targeted clinical research to find treatments aimed at reducing prolonged hospital stays and mortality in severe acute pancreatitis.

Tool aims to reduce premature death from bone fractures

19 May, 2023

In the study of more than 1.6 million adults, the scientists found that a bone fracture was associated with a loss of one to seven years of life.

SOx surgical logistics platform

19 May, 2023 | Supplied by: Surgical Order

SOx is designed to improve surgical workflows with a seamless online platform where all healthcare providers and suppliers can connect for streamlined ordering, scheduling, completion and billing of surgery.

The cosmetic surgery overhaul

18 May, 2023 by Michael Gorton AM, Principal, Russell Kennedy Lawyers

In response to recent media reports of serious unprofessional conduct in cosmetic surgery, the health practitioner regulator and Health Ministers have announced significant changes.

Leica Microsystems ARveo 8 digital visualisation microscope

17 May, 2023 | Supplied by: Leica Microsystems Pty Ltd

The ARveo 8 digital visualisation microscope unites information from AR fluorescence and IGS systems feeds, with the aim of providing enhanced visualisation for neurosurgery.

Sterri-Matt Mobile PPE Station

17 May, 2023 | Supplied by: Sterri-Matt Pty Ltd

The Sterri-Matt Mobile PPE Station is a versatile and universal stand for use with the PPE consumables organisers.

New solution could reduce severe bleeding after childbirth

15 May, 2023

Postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) — defined as the loss of more than 500 mL of blood within 24 hours after birth — is the leading cause of maternal mortality worldwide.

1 in 5 people could be suffering from OSA, but most are unaware

15 May, 2023

People with OSA often snore loudly, their breathing starts and stops during the night and they may wake up several times.

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