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Lung issues follow premmies into adulthood

23 May, 2019

People born very preterm or very low weight are four times more likely to have lung-related issues in early adulthood than those born on time.

1 in 5 people with sleep apnoea depressed

22 May, 2019

New Australian research has found that a significant number of sleep apnoea patients are depressed, with a quarter on antidepressants.

Cancer patients should be warned of heart risks

21 May, 2019

Cancer patients are not being advised by their physicians that there is an increased risk of cardiotoxicity associated with their treatments.

Preventative antibiotics halve childbirth infections

17 May, 2019

Preventative antibiotics, given to all women whose childbirth involves forceps or vacuum extraction, could halve maternal infections including sepsis.

Joint supplement protects heart?

16 May, 2019

New research suggesting that joint supplements may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease events has been met with scepticism by Australian experts.

Love it or lose it

15 May, 2019 by Kristin Michaels*

Lessons from a complicated history of hospital PBS funding.

Chemo demand to increase 50% by 2040

14 May, 2019

The need for chemotherapy will increase dramatically by 2040, as will the need for more practising cancer physicians.

Aussie doctors overprescribing flu antivirals

10 May, 2019

Australian doctors are prescribing antivirals for people with the flu who may not benefit, increasing the risk of side effects and AMR.

New antibiotic resistance report identifies ongoing threat

09 May, 2019

The new AURA report has found that antimicrobial resistance shows little sign of abating, with some bacteria now resistant to last-resort treatments.

New stroke treatment results in full recovery

08 May, 2019

Researchers have found that by doubling the length of time that clot-busing drugs are used after a stroke, more patients make a full recovery.

1 in 2 Crohn's patients psychologically distressed

06 May, 2019

New research has found that only 16% of Crohn's patients are asked about their mental health by their doctor. This needs to change.

Atrial fibrillation is the new epidemic

03 May, 2019

Atrial fibrillation has overtaken heart attack and heart failure as the major cause of cardiovascular hospitalisation.

Skipping meals increases risk for heart attack survivors

26 April, 2019

Heart attack survivors who skip breakfast or eat dinner close to bedtime are four to five times more likely to die, have another heart attack or have angina.

<40% of pregnant women getting flu vax

25 April, 2019

Women born overseas, those who smoke during pregnancy and those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are the least likely to be vaccinated when pregnant.

New epileptic seizure treatment for kids to impact globally

24 April, 2019

A new treatment for severe epileptic seizures in children will halve the number of kids being ventilated and sent to intensive care.

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