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Charity goes high tech to help mental health sufferers

16 April, 2018 by Linda Currey Post | Supplied by: Oracle Australia

UK-based charity Turning Point has one goal: to save lives. It is leveraging technology-led innovation to do so.

Hope for hearing loss

14 April, 2018

A new technique repairs damaged nerves and cells within the ear, and could soon restore hearing to millions of people.

Drs should prescribe e-cigarettes

13 April, 2018

Increased evidence that e-cigarettes help smokers quit means doctors have an ethical obligation to prescribe them when other options fail.

World's hottest chilli causes thunderclap headaches

12 April, 2018

A man suffered unusual consequences when participating in a hot chilli pepper eating competition.

Traumatic brain injury increases risk of dementia

10 April, 2018

A major study finds that the risk of dementia increases with the number and severity of brain trauma injuries.

Winners are grinners

09 April, 2018

Using a modified procedure, surgeons have returned genuine smiles to the faces of patients with one-sided facial muscle paralysis.

Cancer wipes $1.7bn off Aust GDP

07 April, 2018

It's in everyone's best interests that cancer patients recover — including that of the Australian economy.

Asthma link to boys' childhood fractures

05 April, 2018

Boys with asthma are 30% more likely to fracture a bone than boys without, while girls with asthma have no link to bone fractures.

Most lower back pain treated incorrectly

03 April, 2018

Worldwide, overuse of inappropriate tests and treatments such as imaging, opioids and surgery means patients are not receiving the right care, and resources are wasted.

Maternal death risk doubles with anaemia

02 April, 2018

Pregnant women with anaemia are twice as likely to die during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth than those without anaemia.

Epilepsy drugs in womb linked to poor school results

30 March, 2018

Women considering pregnancy should be told about the pros and cons of different approaches, say researchers.

ADHD preschoolers have reduced brain volume

29 March, 2018

A new study has found that children as young as four with ADHD symptoms have reduced brain volumes in areas essential for behavioural control.

Biomedica osteomiR microRNA signature for osteoporosis diagnosis

28 March, 2018 | Supplied by: United Bioresearch Products Pty Ltd

The osteomiR microRNA signature is intended to assess the risk of a first fracture in female patients of postmenopausal osteoporosis and type 2 diabetes. This information enables timely interventions and can help to avoid fractures.

1 in 2 Aussie adults won't get flu jab

27 March, 2018

For two Australian nurses, not receiving a flu vax seriously impacted their health. Their message: stop by your pharmacy and get a flu jab.

Meningitis drugs will save 80,000 lives a year

26 March, 2018

A 15-year research project has found that a one-week drug course will dramatically reduce meningitis deaths worldwide, and has been adopted by WHO.

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