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New Langya virus infects 35 people in China

15 August, 2022

The virus is thought to have come from animals and causes fever, fatigue and a cough. So far, there is no indication that the virus is spreading from person to person.

Need to cut through alcohol and breastfeeding misinformation

15 August, 2022

Two-thirds of Australian women who breastfeed feel they do not fully understood the risks of drinking alcohol while breastfeeding.

Tool helps cancer survivors manage post-treatment uncertainty

15 August, 2022

UNSW researchers are using e-health to investigate ways to help cancer survivors access treatment for fear of cancer recurrence.

Study explores techniques for reducing needle anxiety

15 August, 2022

A University of South Australia study has found two new nurse-led techniques that help reduce needle fear in primary-aged children.

Review set to pave the way for International PCOS Guidelines

05 August, 2022

A recent review of PCOS research and care provides a summary of best-practice evidence and advocates for greater funded research to address knowledge gaps.

Targeted monkeypox vaccine rollout to start Monday

05 August, 2022

NSW Health, with support from ACON, will commence a targeted vaccination program against monkeypox (MPXV) on Monday, 8 August.

Hollywood Private Hospital starts HyCASA training

03 August, 2022

Hollywood Private Hospital is set to become a training and education hub for Hybrid Catheter Ablation and Surgical Ablation (HyCASA).

Retraining the brain to reduce chronic pain

03 August, 2022

A randomised control trial that retrained the brains of people with back pain, and helped them to get moving, is reported to have shown promising results.

New guideline for pharmacists supporting Indigenous Australians

02 August, 2022

The PSA has launched guidelines for pharmacists supporting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples with medicines management.

New approach needed to tackle stroke prevention: experts

01 August, 2022

Melbourne researchers have found that current primary stroke prevention measures are insufficient and fragmented, and a more holistic approach is "urgently" needed.

Critical oncology trial data remains hidden: study

01 August, 2022

Despite a commitment from the pharmaceutical industry to improve data transparency, more than half of the clinical trials that led to the USFDA approving anticancer medicines over the past 10 years are not available for independent scrutiny.

Ionmax+ Aire and Aire X High-Performance HEPA UV Air Purifiers

01 August, 2022 | Supplied by: Ionmax

The Ionmax+ Aire and Aire X High-Performance HEPA UV air purifiers offer a clean air delivery rate (CADR) of up to 1000 m3/h.

Virtual lung therapy delivered through a smartphone app

01 August, 2022

A browser-based smartphone app delivers therapy for people recovering from surgery and those with lung conditions involving overproduction of mucus.

Asthma preventer medicine overprescribed

01 August, 2022

Professor Helen Reddel and colleagues from the Woolcock Institute of Medical Research have written about finding the lowest effective dose to control asthma.

Getinge Flow-i anaesthesia machine

01 August, 2022 | Supplied by: Getinge Australia Pty Ltd

The Getinge Flow-i is an anaesthesia machine offering innovative Automatic Gas Control (AGC) and strong ventilation performance, suitable for specialised procedures such as paediatric and thoracic surgery.

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