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AI tool predicts severe respiratory illness in early COVID-19

08 April, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

An AI tool developed by New York University could predict which COVID-19 patients will go on to contract acute respiratory distress syndrome, before any severe symptoms emerge.

Vaping: risky business or sensible quit strategy?

08 April, 2020 by Jane Allman

E-cigarettes containing nicotine are illegal in Australia. Some health experts believe they shouldn't be...

International panel releases ICU guidelines for COVID-19

08 April, 2020

The Surviving Sepsis Campaign COVID-19 panel has released 54 recommendations for treating patients with COVID-19 in the ICU.

COVID-19 risks for smokers

07 April, 2020

Are smokers more likely to contract COVID-19 than non-smokers? Are they likely to have worse outcomes? Two academics from UNSW Sydney discuss how coronavirus affects smokers.

COVID-19 and breaking the chain of infection

07 April, 2020 by Professor Ramon Z Shaban*, Dr Cristina Sotomayor**, Kaitlyn Radford^, Samantha Bell^^

Health professionals and scientists have learned a great deal in the space of weeks and months since this all started in late December 2019.

TGA-approved coronavirus-killing labelling out in force

06 April, 2020

A surface disinfectant produced by Whiteley Corporation is reported to be the first product in Australia to carry the new TGA-approved label claim against the SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19) virus.

Taskforce creates clinical guidelines for COVID-19

06 April, 2020

The National COVID-19 Clinical Evidence Taskforce is developing 'living guidelines' to provide updated, evidence-based guidance to clinicians caring for COVID-19 patients.

Coronavirus: food safety tips to live by

03 April, 2020 by Andrew Thomson, Think ST Solutions*

With the increase in coronavirus cases around the country, managers of foodservice operations should take steps to reduce the spread of infection and contamination risks.

Baxx Australia Baxx infection control system

03 April, 2020 | Supplied by: Symetec

The Baxx system attacks all bacteria and virus strains that would cause respiratory tract infections.

New treatment option for multiple myeloma

02 April, 2020

Patients with newly diagnosed multiple myeloma can now gain access to a new treatment option under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Tech highlights lung tumours for better removal

02 April, 2020

A groundbreaking technology that enhances lung cancer tissue is providing surgeons with a significantly better chance of finding and removing more cancer than ever before.

UV Solutionz High Energy Germicidal UVC Germicidal Technology

01 April, 2020 | Supplied by: AMT Group Australasia

The technology is used for applications including killing airborne and surface pathogens such as viruses — including coronavirus (COVID-19) — bacteria and moulds.

Paramedics association warns of plans to deploy students

31 March, 2020

NSW Ambulance has announced a plan to temporarily introduce paramedic students to out-of-hospital emergencies, raising concerns from the NSW Australian Paramedics Association.

Australian ICUs will be at overcapacity by 5 April, says modelling study

30 March, 2020

Modelling published by the Medical Journal of Australia suggests that Australian hospitals do not currently have the capacity to accommodate possible demand.

Raising awareness of seizure-related injuries

30 March, 2020

One in 10 of the 250,000 Australians living with epilepsy experience a seizure-related injury each year, many of which can be life-threatening.

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