Happy Global Handwashing Day!

14 October, 2015 by Sharon Smith

That’s right: the Food Safety Information Council is using this Thursday 15 October Global Handwashing Day to celebrate your favourite topic: hand washing. So get out those gloves and blow them up into balloons in the name of good hand hygiene.

Food for thought: nutrients for oral and mental health

13 October, 2015 by Sharon Smith

The Australian Dental Association (ADA) and the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) have joined forces to help promote National Nutrition Week (October 11 – 17) by saying that not only are vegetables a crucial part of a healthy diet, but they’re good for your teeth as well.

Practice Management - Building Patient Confidence

13 October, 2015 by Sharon Smith

How to give your patients confidence when working with you – long before you meet them face to face. Jane Anderson is a Personal Branding Expert helping service professionals to position themselves effectively in their industry. Here Jane shares her advice for medical professionals managing their own practices on establishing trust between patient and doctor before the first meeting. 

What the Trans-Pacific Partnership means for health

08 October, 2015 by Sharon Smith

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) was signed this week, with 12 countries including Australia agreeing to a trade deal which now needs to pass their relevant government processes for final approval.

Grey Nomads need to remember health plans

08 October, 2015 by Sharon Smith

As we approach the warmer months, the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has given a heads-up to its members of the increased number of ‘Risky Nomads’ who hit the road to make the most of (or travel to) the better weather.

Here's the evidence why breast is best

07 October, 2015 by Sharon Smith

It’s a mantra repeated by health providers Australia-wide: breast is best. And while we’ve always known that there is something about mother’s breast milk that causes a baby to thrive, it has taken until 2015 to discover why that is.

Online Mental Health Conference

28 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

The Mental Health Academy is offering 20 hours of CPD training through their 2015 Mental Health Super Summit, which will be held online  from 29 October - 6 November.

Dementia support and prevention

24 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Currently in Australia, over 322,000 people suffer from dementia, with one in ten of Australians over the age of 65 affected by the condition. However, the Australian population is rapidly aging: the number of Australians aged 65 is expected to increase from 2.5 million in 2002 to 6.2 million in 2042, with only 2.5 people of working age supporting each person aged over 65 as opposed to 5 people in 2002. With this increase in the aging population, based on projections from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, the number of people with dementia will reach almost 400,000 by 2020, and around 900,000 by 2050. According to Jon Kontopos, CEO of Dementia Caring, as the population in Australia ages, there will be an increasing pressure on the healthcare system to cater for those needing aged care, especially those who will be affected by conditions like dementia which require a high level of care.

A World View on Patient-Centred Care Design

15 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Jill Joseph is a leading healthcare planner and designer, having worked across the US, Europe and the Middle East as a consultant for Herman Miller Healthcare. This year she visited Australia to educate architecture and design firms on patient-centred care and evidence-based design for the healthcare industry.

RUOK? How to respond to someone who isn't OK

10 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

World Suicide Prevention Day prompts people from all walks of life to ask their loved ones what could be a life-saving question: are you ok?

Mental health care spending saves money - The Conversation

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Mental health has become the awakening giant of health care, as Australians realise how ubiquitous mental illness really is in their everyday lives. But there’s a growing disconnect between this grassroots awareness and decisive action towards providing the full spectrum of care for those in need.

The Conversation - The link between smoking and mental health

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

A recent study suggested a causal association between smoking tobacco and developing psychosis or schizophrenia, building on research about the relationship between the use of substances and the risk of psychosis. While cannabis is one of the usual suspects, a potential link with tobacco will have come as a surprise to many.

Elderly Men have the Highest Suicide Rate - The Conversation

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

The most recent Australian suicide statistics from 2013 show that, out of the whole population, men aged 85 years and over have the highest suicide rates. While the attention these figures have garnered is a positive sign, this is hardly a new phenomenon.

Bullying in the Workplace: The Conversation

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Over a decade ago now, I read a research article that called bullying the “cancer” of the workplace. I’ve been wondering since then whether bullying is really serious enough to warrant that language - and what can be done about it.

The Conversation on Federally-Funded Youth Mental Health

31 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Mental health problems are common in young people and often have their first onset during this period of life. But many affected youth either don’t seek or delay seeking professional help.

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