Mental health care spending saves money - The Conversation

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Mental health has become the awakening giant of health care, as Australians realise how ubiquitous mental illness really is in their everyday lives. But there’s a growing disconnect between this grassroots awareness and decisive action towards providing the full spectrum of care for those in need.

The Conversation - The link between smoking and mental health

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

A recent study suggested a causal association between smoking tobacco and developing psychosis or schizophrenia, building on research about the relationship between the use of substances and the risk of psychosis. While cannabis is one of the usual suspects, a potential link with tobacco will have come as a surprise to many.

Elderly Men have the Highest Suicide Rate - The Conversation

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

The most recent Australian suicide statistics from 2013 show that, out of the whole population, men aged 85 years and over have the highest suicide rates. While the attention these figures have garnered is a positive sign, this is hardly a new phenomenon.

Bullying in the Workplace: The Conversation

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Over a decade ago now, I read a research article that called bullying the “cancer” of the workplace. I’ve been wondering since then whether bullying is really serious enough to warrant that language - and what can be done about it.

The Conversation on Federally-Funded Youth Mental Health

31 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Mental health problems are common in young people and often have their first onset during this period of life. But many affected youth either don’t seek or delay seeking professional help.

Yoga for Stroke Rehabilitation: The Conversation

31 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

One in six Australians will have a stroke in their lifetime. That’s about 51,000 strokes per year, or one every ten minutes. Worldwide, stroke is the second most common cause of premature death, after heart disease, and is the leading cause of disability among adults.

Eureka! We've Found a Use for the Appendix!

28 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

At this year's Australia Museum Eureka Prizes, a ninth-grader stole the show with her myth-busting video explain just exactly why we have an appendix. Her diagnosis of the misunderstood organ's crucial role in gut health saw Paige Bebee from Ivanhoe Girls’ Grammar School in Victoria awarded the University of Sydney Sleek Geeks Science Eureka Prize – Secondary category for her video, The Secret of the Appendix.

Cancer Drugs Will Become Terminal for Health Systems

28 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Narcyz Ghinea, University of Sydney; Ian Kerridge, University of Sydney, and Wendy Lipworth, University of Sydney

A Guide to a Second Medical Opinion

24 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Michael Vagg, Barwon Health

Meningococcal B Vaccine Rejected From PBS

24 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

The vaccine, which is currently recommended for infants at six weeks old plus two boosters, and 12 months old, and again at 15-19 years can cost up to $500 for a full dose including boosters. The government’s Pharmaceutical Benefits Advisory Committee has again rejected subsidising the vaccine on the PBS despite leaders in the field calling for the vaccine for the disease to be accessble to Australian families at a low price.

Why People with HIV Volunteer for "Cure" Research

21 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Jennifer Power, La Trobe University

Epigenetics: Phenomenon or Quackery?

21 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Jeffrey Craig, Murdoch Childrens Research Institute

Australians Are Undergoing Unnecessary Surgery

20 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

For decades, clinicians and researchers have been concerned about patients getting treatments, including operations, that don’t work. As well as failing to treat the original health problem, ineffective care exposes patients to complications and side-effects and waste precious health-care resources.

How We Can Increase Australia's Organ Donation Rate

17 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Aric Bendorf, University of Sydney; Ainsley Newson, University of Sydney, and Ian Kerridge, University of Sydney

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