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Delos Australia expands wellness across human environment

23 November, 2020

Delos Australia's wellness solutions are paving the way for more Australian indoor spaces to become healthier than ever before.

Operating theatre ventilation system design

01 October, 2020

Airborne-related contamination control offers one area that could play a much larger role in reducing the rate of hosptial-acquired infections.

QI Risk: Medical gas pipeline system and operational assessment

17 December, 2019

A well maintained, fit-for-purpose medical gas reticulation system is critical to a healthcare facility's ability to deliver reliable and safe patient care.

Designed for comfort

12 September, 2019

The Gandel Wing at Cabrini Malvern combines cutting-edge technology with environmental design concepts to create a place of wellbeing, comfort and healing.

ApexCare Patient Lift APC-10150SL

17 July, 2019

The Patient Lift is used to move a patient from between their bed, wheelchair and batch room, saving the nurse vocational injury and ensuring patient safety.

Living a happier life

08 July, 2019

With vibrant Indigenous art and a fire pit in the backyard, dialysis centre Purple House emanates warmth and laughter, reflecting its role as a place of healing.

Green May Industrial GM09S Multifunctional Household electric bed

02 July, 2019

Green May is a Taiwanese company that specialises in electric beds for nursing homes and for elderly patients living at home.

Through the eyes of a child

29 May, 2019

Perth Children's Hospital uses colour to create a welcoming, family-friendly environment.

QI Services: Compliance, safety, reliability and efficiency.

09 April, 2019

With our broad QI Services portfolio, BOC can help you meet and exceed the considerable challenges of compliance and safety.

Healing space doesn't 'feel' like a hospital

25 March, 2019

Five years on, the Chris O'Brien Lifehouse provides cancer patients with light-filled space that doesn't feel like a hospital, aiding their recovery.

Family first

30 November, 2018

This Sydney hospital has transformed its maternity spaces to cater to the growing role fathers play in the lives of their newborn children.

Marlin Medical KwickScreen Air retractable, printed room partition

01 September, 2018

The KwickScreen Air is a printed room partition that can be retracted when not in use and pulled out to any length up to 3 m in an instant without needing to use brakes.

Winning strategies for waiting rooms

20 April, 2018

Herman Miller has begun studying the ways people wait to improve the process for patients, visitors and the professionals who interact with them.

Feels like home

05 February, 2018

While they look, smell and feel like a home, they're actually an aged-care residence, specialising in residents suffering from dementia.

The health benefits of contact with nature

22 January, 2018

There is strong evidence that supports the idea that contact with nature, through viewing or being in landscapes with vegetation, water and other natural features, relieves stress and provides human health benefits. It makes sense that providing patients and clients with easy access to gardens and natural open space within (or very close to) the grounds of hospitals and community health centres can assist in rehabilitation and contribute to the overall wellbeing of clients and staff alike.

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