Improving Patient Comfort, Care and Connection

Ergotron Inc
Thursday, 01 February, 2024

Improving the patient’s experience means addressing the integration of technology at the bedside; using design to bring the patient and caregiver together. Striking the right balance promotes increased interaction, satisfaction, safety and efficiency, creating an environment where both patient and caregiver needs are met; something Ergotron calls Patientricity.

Patientricity, built from the words “patient” and “centric,” means moving the patient, caregiver and technology into a Triangle of Care. The goal of the Triangle of Care is to support better interaction with the patient while caregivers gather critical information.

Equipment used during this process should be flexible, allowing the caregiver to respond to patient preferences during each interaction. It should also be easily accessible, so data can always be at hand but never in the way.

Caregivers need the ability to sit next to, side-by-side, or face-to-face with patients during discussion and data input. In some circumstances, equipment should be flexible enough to enable the caregiver to share electronic information and images with the patient or loved ones.

In addition to meeting the needs of each patient, attention must be directed toward the health of the caregiver. Ergonomic products enhance the caregiver experience and promote work that is more productive and comfortable, without the aches and pains commonly associated with poorly designed equipment. Flexible, adaptable computer mounts and mobility solutions allow caregivers to easily interact with patients, and personalize the location of the display, keyboard, laptop, or tablet for increased visibility and comfort. Ergotron offers a wide range of solutions to facilitate the Triangle of Care.

Placing Patientricity considerations at the forefront of the decision-making process allows healthcare facilities to better meet their patient-centered objectives. With over 40 years of experience creating ergonomic solutions for computer users worldwide, and over 30 years in healthcare, Ergotron is uniquely qualified to help you configure medical workstations that fit the workflow and Patientricity demands throughout your facility, evaluating space constraints and user needs to recommend the best mix of equipment.

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