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Killing Environmental C. difficile spores

23 April, 2017

Clostridium difficile has emerged as a substantial antimicrobial-resistant threat to healthcare, with a mortality rate in Australia of 5%. Environmental disinfection using the right product, process and proof of compliance is critical.

TB progress threatened by global rise of multidrug resistance

15 April, 2017

The rise in multidrug-resistant TB threatens to derail decades of progress.

The national shortfall in lifesaving drugs — what's the answer?

10 April, 2017

A shortage of lifesaving drugs has been plaguing the Australian hospital system. Is there a solution?

Miele Professional successfully launched Mobile CSSD

09 April, 2017

Miele Professional has ramped up its investment in Australia to bring its 50 years' experience in the medical field in Europe to Australian hospitals.

Deadly pneumonia could be knocked out by this hormone

05 April, 2017

Stimulating this hormone could prevent pneumonia bacteria from spreading by starving it to death.

Hepatitis patients "dying of embarrassment"

04 April, 2017

"I am aware that many people living with hepatitis feel too stigmatised to get help. They are literally dying of embarrassment," said Dr Sally Cockburn.

When it comes to formulation of ABHR it is important to get the facts

03 April, 2017 by Christine Claighen, Regulatory | Scientific Manager, GOJO Australasia

Across the market today there are various formulations of alcohol-based hand rubs (ABHR) with different alcohol concentrations and formats (gel, foam, rinse) and dispensing methods which can make the selection process difficult for your environment.

Vast numbers of under-vaccinated adults are at risk

28 March, 2017

A new report emphasises that immunisation is just as important for at-risk adults as it is for children.

Canadian researchers find combo therapy stops superbugs

11 March, 2017

A combination therapy discovered by Canadian scientists shreds that shell of Gram-negative bacteria, allowing antibiotics to enter and be effective.

US flu epidemic. Is it time to panic?

08 March, 2017

Media reports of a flu epidemic in the United States are causing alarm.

Malaria vaccine trial shows up to 100% protection

17 February, 2017

A human trial for a malaria vaccine has achieved up to 100% protection against infection (by the same strain used in the vaccine) for at least 10 weeks after the last dose.

Contaminated machines used in cardiac surgery cause infection in patients

15 February, 2017

Melbourne researchers have used cutting-edge genomics technology to show a strain of a bacteria can be transmitted to patients from machines commonly used to regulate body temperature during cardiac surgery.

Gates Foundation $36.9 million international grant to fight typhoid

08 February, 2017

Typhoid fever, a bacterial infection that causes high fever and other disabling symptoms, remains a serious global problem in the developing world: it kills almost a quarter of a million people annually and infects about 21 million.

The S-Monovette® is the revolution in blood collection.

23 January, 2017

The S-Monovette® is an innovative enclosed blood collection system that allows the user to draw blood from the patient using the syringe or vacuum method, uniting the advantages of both techniques in a single product.

Evidence-based training helps meet IPC targets

18 January, 2017

Within the healthcare sector there is growing pressure to reduce the rates of Health Care Associated Infections (HCAI).

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