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Multiresistant superbug appears in Australia

05 September, 2018 by Professor Ramon Z Shaban*, Julie E Potter^

The multiresistant superbug Candida auris has surfaced in Australia; healthcare professionals must take action to prevent it taking hold.

Hospital surfaces and infection rates

01 September, 2018 by Ivan Obreza, Diversey Australia

Why do infection rates peak in some hospitals and not others? Can better cleaning help?

Making a song and dance about hand hygiene

27 August, 2018 by Kathryn Lim* and Dr Holly Seale^

Healthcare organisations are creating entertaining videos on YouTube to promote hand hygiene. But how effective is this medium?

Antimicrobial resistance remains a threat in Aus hospitals

10 August, 2018

CPE and Neisseria gonorrhoeae continue to be the most commonly reported organisms with critical resistances to antimicrobials across Australia.

Child sepsis deaths can be avoided

27 July, 2018

A child's chance of surviving sepsis increases by 40% if hospitals provide a full treatment protocol within the critical 1st hour of discovery.

Should hand air-dryers be used in a healthcare setting?

12 July, 2018 by Cathryn Murphy*

Research suggests that hot air- and jet air-dryers should not be used in a healthcare setting.

When no-one is looking

11 July, 2018

Hand hygiene levels in hospitals drop dramatically when no-one is watching, according to a new UNSW study.

'Bad' antibodies leading to sepsis

06 July, 2018

Removing inhibitory antibodies from plasma has resulted in immediate health improvement for some sepsis patients, and offers an alternative sepsis treatment.

Reducing infections from contaminated needleless connectors

01 July, 2018

Needleless connectors (NC). They're used a thousand times a day in healthcare facilities worldwide where these small devices can have a big impact.

Spirax Sarco Australian Healthcare Clean Steam Generator

01 July, 2018

The Spirax Sarco Australian Healthcare Clean Steam Generator (AH-CSG) unit provides clean steam to meet the requirements of AS/NZS 4187:2014.

Toothpaste, handwash linked to antibiotic resistance

28 June, 2018

A UQ study finds strong evidence that the triclosan, used in personal care products, is accelerating the spread of antibiotic resistance.

Complicating the complicated

07 June, 2018 by Ramon Z Shaban, Philip L Russo, Brett G Mitchell, Julie Potter*

Hospital-acquired complications data on urinary tract infections is unreliable, and could result in hospitals being incorrectly financially penalised.

Grants for practice nurses who champion immunisation

04 June, 2018

A new program is offering grants to practice nurses committed to supporting immunisation initiatives.

Crystawash wound wash spray

22 May, 2018

Crystawash wound wash is an isotonic saline spray buffered to return the tissue pH to normal.

Information underload

21 May, 2018 by Dr Holly Seale and Ji Park*

Hospitals increasingly rely on their websites to prepare patients for their stay. Some are doing a better job than others, impacting patient outcomes — especially in infection control.

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