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Uber Health launches in Australia

22 August, 2022

By offering more patients the opportunity to connect with rides, the company hopes to help providers improve appointment attendance, lower costs and improve patient satisfaction.

Why empowerment is key for mental health gains and recovery

22 August, 2022 by Rachel Clements*

It's no secret that healthcare workers are among those most vulnerable to mental health issues, but more than two years of pandemic-related restrictions and uncertainty has had a huge impact on employee wellbeing across sectors.

Vitamin D helps reduce depressive symptoms: meta-analysis

17 August, 2022

The analysis, carried out as part of an international collaboration between Australian, Finnish and US researchers, features results from 41 studies.

NSW Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery Awards 2022 — finalists announced

17 August, 2022

The Nursing and Midwifery Office (NMO) has announced 30 finalists for the Excellence in Nursing and Midwifery Awards 2022.

Bulk-billing rates in freefall: RACGP

15 August, 2022

General practice care urgently requires greater investment so that no patients are left behind, according to the RACGP.

Plants pilot study to boost hospital staff wellbeing

10 August, 2022

Mater has launched an edible garden pilot project in a bid to reduce burnout and enhance the wellbeing of health workers.

HIV advocates translate academic research into 'plain speak'

10 August, 2022

Three Australian HIV advocates all living with the condition have undertaken a project to help the community better understand complex health information.

'Brain fingerprinting' of adolescents might be able to predict mental health problems down the line

05 August, 2022

Despite the best efforts of clinicians and researchers for decades, we still do not fully know why some people develop mental disorders and others do not.

Health professionals need help to support DV victims

01 August, 2022

Health practitioners are often ideally placed to offer help to victims of gender-based violence, but they need more support and training to do so effectively.

Juvenile detention menu creates appetite for change

27 July, 2022

A study of food served in a youth detention centre in South Australia gives insights into the role diet and menu choices play in improving or reducing the incarceration experience.

Plenary Health partners with Footscray Community Arts

25 July, 2022

The Plenary Health consortium has announced a three-year partnership with Footscray Community Arts for the new Footscray Hospital project.

Rural and remote patients left behind by telehealth cuts: RACGP

20 July, 2022

A study released by Phillips has found that 40% of people living in rural and remote areas had internet speeds that were less than 28 kilobits per second.

Could speech analytics help overcome care obstacles?

18 July, 2022 by Amy Brown*

Imagine the following scenario: a hospital's customer experience ratings are below average, and they find out why.

Qld Health investigation at Bundaberg Hospital

18 July, 2022

Queensland Health is conducting an investigation into matters raised around medication management and patient safety in Bundaberg Hospital.

Diabetes: 175 diagnoses a day, least recognised complication revealed

12 July, 2022

More than 1.3 million Australians received a diabetes diagnosis between 2000 and 2020, according to 'Diabetes: Australian facts' from the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW).

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