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Microbial enzyme in gut may impact drug response

22 March, 2021 by Christine Stewart, Registered Nurse, Nutritionist and Clinical Application Specialist with Microba Insight

Understanding a person's potential to produce microbial beta-glucuronidase in their gut may be key in understanding individual drug responses.

Dementia forecast highlights urgency of prevention

19 March, 2021

Projections that one million Australians will have dementia by 2056 have promted a call to action on prevention strategies.

AIA Australia launches wellbeing coaching service

16 March, 2021

The AIA Vitality Wellbeing Check-In Program gives Priority Protection policyholders access to two free sessions with an experienced Mindstar wellbeing coach.

HESTA Excellence Awards — nominations open

10 March, 2021

HESTA is calling for nominations of dedicated professionals working in disability, allied health, aged care and community services.

A small-scale approach to aged and dementia care

09 March, 2021 by Tamar Krebs, Founder and Co-CEO of Group Homes Australia

The Group Homes Australia model is a small-scale care model that focuses on residents' abilities rather than their disabilities, providing health and social benefits.

Aged-care reform puts technology on the table

08 March, 2021

Technology reform has been identified as an important part of delivering a new and improved aged-care system.

A day in the life of a House Companion

03 March, 2021

Tracey Hogan is a House Companion at NewDirection Care in Bellmere, Queensland — a Microtown for the elderly and those living with younger onset dementia and complex care needs.

Early nut introduction linked to fall in infant peanut allergy

03 March, 2021

Changes to food allergy guidelines have led to a significant increase in parents introducing peanut into their babies' diets, with a 16% decrease in peanut allergy among infants.

Cocaine use and hospitalisations on the rise

02 March, 2021

A new report reveals an increase in cocaine availability, prevalence of use and related hospitalisations in Australia.

Addressing the unique allied health needs of those in residential aged care

01 March, 2021 by Ed Johnson, Clinical Innovation Officer at Umbo

With a different approach to residential aged care, we can potentially reduce the burden on an overstrained system.

Bodies unite for Prosthesis List reform

01 March, 2021

Four professional bodies have come together to deliver a joint statement on Prostheses List reform.

In Conversation with Dr Teagan-Jane Westendorf

01 March, 2021

Hospital + Healthcare talks to Dr Teagan-Jane Westendorf from the National Advisory Group for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Aged Care.

Post-stroke recovery best with physio soon after

24 February, 2021

The human brain's capacity to recover and rewire itself following a stroke peaks after around two weeks and diminishes over time, according to an international study.

The future of aged care

16 February, 2021 by Amy Sarcevic

Exploring the road ahead for Australia's aged-care system.

Finding a path to improve Indigenous workforce and healthcare outcomes

15 February, 2021 by Jane Allman

A study of two exemplary cancer services has found eight key factors helping to improve Indigenous patient and staff outcomes.

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