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A Day in the Life: Gabrielle Maston

07 November, 2017

Gabrielle Maston is an Accredited Practising Dietitian and Exercise Physiologist who works as an obesity therapist in a public hospital.

Retrenched older Aussies likely to be depressed, welfare-dependent

04 November, 2017

Helping older workers work longer could benefit both individuals and government budgets.

Unannounced aged-care audits to replace planned visits

01 November, 2017

Following the release of a new report and some high-profile cases, the federal government is replacing announced visits.

Hospital patients subjected to unnecessary lab tests

30 October, 2017

Repetitive lab testing is leading to additional illness, interventions and patient costs.

Hard water can cause eczema

13 October, 2017

Damage to the skin caused by hard water can lead to skin conditions.

Frail twice as likely to have inappropriate prescription

11 October, 2017

Frail people are susceptible to incorrect prescriptions, increasing the risk of death 22%.

Smart tattoo ink changes colour for dehydration, blood sugar

10 October, 2017 by Alvin Powell

Smart tattoos are the next generation of wearable devices, with potential for patients, athletes and even astronauts.

Working night shifts can make you fat

09 October, 2017

If you're trying to keep the weight off, you may want to rethink working night shifts.

New online dementia guide provides practical information

29 September, 2017 by Laini Bennett

Designed for people caring for or living with dementia, the plain English guide is a valuable resource.

Are you a Thinker, Craver, Socialiser, Foodie or Freewheeler?

27 September, 2017 by Nichola Murphy | Supplied by: CSIRO Head Office

The CSIRO reviewed the eating habits of over 90,000 Australians and established five diet personalities.

Global study for Alzheimer's vaccine

22 September, 2017

Almost 90 institutions are testing for a vaccine that would halt Alzheimer's disease before it begins.

Mediterranean-style diet eliminates reflux medications

19 September, 2017

Patients on the plant-based diet no longer required medication, and experienced other benefits.

The difference between Alzheimer's and dementia

14 September, 2017

While both terms are often used interchangeably, they're not the same.

Dementia Matters — rethinking the food model for people living with dementia

28 August, 2017 by Corin Kelly

Lainie Lynch is improving the nutritional profile of people living with dementia through a food service model based on the internationally awarded Butterfly household care model, pioneered by Dr David Sheard, founder of Dementia Care Matters in the UK.

Protecting our older workers from injury

07 August, 2017 by Terry Wong, General Manager, Move 4 Life. | Supplied by: Move 4 Life Pty Limited

As we live longer, we work longer, increasing the risk of injury.

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