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5000 volunteers wanted for bipolar disorder study

23 November, 2018

Australian researchers are seeking volunteers for a study that will improve early diagnosis and treatment for bipolar sufferers and help support their families.

Off-label meds impacting autistic adults

22 November, 2018

Some 14% of mental health medications being taken by adults on the autism spectrum were given without a relevant diagnosis, and could be causing harm.

Herpes link to bipolar, depression

03 November, 2018

Researchers have found that Herpes viruses are capable of infecting neurons and possibly causing cognitive disturbances leading to mood disorder.

Changes needed to stem self-harm in older adults

24 October, 2018

Older adults (aged 65 and older) who self-harm have a higher risk of dying from unnatural causes (particularly suicide) compared to their peers without a history of self-harm.

Seven signs of drug and alcohol dependence

27 June, 2018

With the number of drug-related deaths reaching an all-time high among men, identifying signs of dependence and facilitating treatment is essential.

Dr burnout not a 'rite of passage'

22 June, 2018

With their mental and physical wellbeing on the line, younger doctors need to be protected from burnout by their more senior colleagues.

Alarming rise in adolescent mental health crises

09 May, 2018

The number of adolescents presenting to emergency wards with mental health crises has increased by over 50% in the past decade.

Charity goes high tech to help mental health sufferers

16 April, 2018 by Linda Currey Post

UK-based charity Turning Point has one goal: to save lives. It is leveraging technology-led innovation to do so.

Traumatic brain injury increases risk of dementia

10 April, 2018

A major study finds that the risk of dementia increases with the number and severity of brain trauma injuries.

ADHD preschoolers have reduced brain volume

29 March, 2018

A new study has found that children as young as four with ADHD symptoms have reduced brain volumes in areas essential for behavioural control.

Avatars put a face to schizophrenic voices

06 December, 2017

Patients who conversed with avatars in this study experienced significant improvements.

How booze is linked to emotions

04 December, 2017

A UK study has mapped the feelings people associate with types of tipples.

Get the 'goss' on gossip

27 November, 2017

According to researchers, not all gossip is bad.

Dr app: smartphone apps effective for depression

04 October, 2017

New research has found apps could provide safe and accessible interventions for millions of people.

By age 14, one-quarter of girls depressed

02 October, 2017

Research into depression in children has revealed alarming results.

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