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Work Stress? 3 Ways to Beat Common Traps

20 February, 2016 by Corin Kelly

Hunched over, hardly moving for hours on end, hitting the same buttons again and again in the hope of a future reward … sound familiar? It does to Selena Bartlett, from the Queensland University of Technology.

Could thalidomide have a future?

11 December, 2015 by Corin Kelly

The drug thalidomide has a notorious past. It was used between 1957-62 as a sedative and to treat morning sickness in early pregnancy but a serious side effect resulted in over 10,000 children born with severe birth defects.

Nov 16-22 Antibiotics: handle with care

17 November, 2015 by Corin Kelly

Antibiotics must be used at the right time, in the right dose, for the right length of time, and for the right reason. These are among the important messages in Antibiotic Awareness Week 2015.

Infection Control is in the hands of our patients

23 September, 2015 by Ryan Mccann

For the Spring 2015 issue of Australian Hospital and Healthcare Bulletin we have discovered an industry-wide leaning towards involving patients in their own care, from infection control, hospital design, meal planning and through the monitoring of their own health via smart technology and wearables.

Gene Therapy Success for Cystic Fibrosis Lung Function

03 July, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Research from the UK has shown the improvement of lung function of Cystic Fibrosis patients through the use of gene therapy in a two year trial, according to The Lancet Respiratory Medicine.

UPDATE: Dental Infection Control Breaches Exposes 10,000+ Patients to HIV and Hepatitis

02 July, 2015 by Sharon Smith

A chain of Sydney dental practices has been found in breach of infection control practices including cleaning and sterilisation. The Gentle Dentist clinics in Campsie and Sussex Street in Sydney’s CBD; Surry Hills and Bondi Junction are listed with Aids Council of New South Wales (ACON) as a provider of  "HIV-friendly" bulk-billed dental work.

A Patient Perspective of Diagnostic Imaging: The Right to Access

24 June, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Diagnostic imaging has changed the face of medicine in the field of diagnosis and treatment. What began with the humble X-Ray has expanded to include modalities such as Ultrasound, Computed Tomography (CT), Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), and most recently nuclear medicine examinations such as the Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan. Millions of Australian patients access diagnostic imaging services each year for a whole myriad conditions, ranging from a broken bone to cancer diagnosis and treatment monitoring. It is therefore no surprise that diagnostic imaging is at the forefront of early diagnosis and early treatment of many conditions which if left undetected would not be treatable.

Viral Video Encourages Testicular Cancer Checks

30 April, 2015 by Sharon Smith

An X-rated video campaign encouraging men to check for testicular campaign has been viewed over half a million times, in a cheeky Game of Thrones parody entitled Game of Balls. It was produced by Australian charity Blue Ball Foundation.

PSA Excellence Awards Accepting Nominations Now

23 March, 2015 by Sophie Blackshaw

Nominations for the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia prestigious Awards for Excellence, recognised widely as the pharmacy profession’s most sought-after awards, are now open.

NSW and Sydney Hospital Patients Satisfaction Levels Down

10 December, 2014 by Sophie Blackshaw

A quarterly report detailing feedback from patients about New South Wales' hospitals' performance has been released, and the results are not as positive as in the past, with increasing demand and patients with more severe illnesses and injuries leaving less satisfied.

Antibiotic Resistance Program Focuses on Urinary Tract Infections

20 November, 2014 by Petrina Smith

The next phase of the NPS MedicineWise Reducing Antibiotic Resistance program for health professionals focuses on the complex topic of managing urinary tract infections (UTIs).

Equal Care and Survival Rates for City and Country South Australians

11 November, 2014 by Sophie Blackshaw

Research from the University of Adelaide has found that Country South Australians with colorectal cancer that has spread to other areas of the body are receiving equal surgical care and have the same survival rates as those living in the city.

New Guide to Providing Pharmacy Services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander People

14 October, 2014 by Petrina Smith

The Pharmaceutical Society of Australia has published The Guide to providing pharmacy services to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to ensure pharmacists are being responsive to the health beliefs, practices, culture and linguistic needs of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Smartphone App Helps Heart Attack Recovery

02 October, 2014 by Petrina Smith

A new smartphone app developed by CSIRO is giving  heart attack patients a better chance at completing life-saving rehabilitation.

Primary Health Care Services Review Announced

19 August, 2014 by Petrina Smith


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