Telehealth stands to help thousands with chronic knee pain

27 April, 2017

Knee osteoarthritis is estimated to affect nearly a million Australians. Telehealth is leading the way in reducing drug reliance and surgery.

The humanity in health technology

21 April, 2017 by Dr Victoria Atkinson

When the system fails to deliver technological solutions, our clinicians will initiate solutions of their own. The result is often a fragmented mix of non-integrated niche systems that dangerously complicate the patient journey.

Virtual care at the cutting edge of digital health

14 April, 2017

Nurse practitioner Matiu Bush is one of the new wave of clinicians looking beyond traditional models of care to virtual care and connected care models.

Technology and innovation in Australia's aged care

10 April, 2017 by Sean Rooney

Australia's aged-care workforce needs to meet the challenges of increased demand, consumer choice, a rapidly changing marketplace and the integration of new technologies.

Nanoscale sensor to detect disease

29 March, 2017

A new nanoscale sensor has been developed that can help detect cytokines — molecules that play a critical role in cellular response to infection, inflammation, trauma and disease.

Surgical follow-up? There's an app for that

24 March, 2017

Post-surgical app gets the thumbs up for convenience.

Surgery of the future

15 March, 2017

Move through a virtual operating theatre to learn about technologies including new imaging tools, robotics, biomaterials and more.

Thought-controlled movement

28 February, 2017

A device smaller than a paperclip could one day help paralysed people move their limbs with the power of thought.

Digital marshmallow test examines impulse control

21 February, 2017

The new 'digital marshmallow test' looks at impulsive behaviour in adults that can lead to obesity, type 2 diabetes, substance abuse and suicide.

New patient monitoring technology targets readmissions

13 February, 2017

A mobile patient monitoring system — which was last week selected as only one of 25 digital health and medical technologies in the world to be fast-tracked into the lucrative US market — is set to be released in Australia.

Locked-in patients communicate through brain-computer interface

02 February, 2017

A computer interface that can decipher the thoughts of people who are unable to communicate could revolutionise the lives of those living with completely locked-in syndrome, according to a new paper published 31 January 2017 in PLOS Biology.

New 'smart needle' to make brain surgery safer

23 January, 2017

A new high-tech medical device to make brain surgery safer has been developed by researchers at the University of Adelaide.

Keeping newborns SAFE

13 January, 2017

Western Australia's Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH) is enabling mothers and newborns to experience the benefits of skin-to-skin care immediately after birth while keeping babies safe from suffocation.

Better broadband needed in the bush

12 January, 2017

The AMA has warned that health services in rural, regional and remote Australia could fall even further behind city services, without urgent government action to ensure all Australians have access to affordable and reliable high-speed broadband.

Catheter ablation dominates the atrial fibrillation market

21 December, 2016

Technological advancement in AF devices, increase in ageing population and a surge in the prevalence of heart diseases globally are estimated to be responsible for the increased demand for catheter ablation.

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