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Inhaled drug could dramatically reduce maternal deaths

23 March, 2017

Positive trial results could mean earlier access to life-saving drug for mothers

Are restrictions on IVF treatment for obese women fair?

20 March, 2017

A new paper is calling for a review of guidelines that restrict obese Australian women's access to assisted fertility treatment such as IVF.

Universal screening for short cervical length could cut preterm births

15 March, 2017

Given that there are treatments available to reduce the risk once it's identified, there appears to be a clear role for routine cervical length screening as part of the regular pregnancy ultrasound examinations.

Canadian researchers find combo therapy stops superbugs

11 March, 2017

A combination therapy discovered by Canadian scientists shreds that shell of Gram-negative bacteria, allowing antibiotics to enter and be effective.

Australia's domestic supply of medicinal cannabis begins

10 March, 2017

Domestic commercial farming licences for medicinal cannabis will mean faster access to the drug by qualified doctors for their patients.

US flu epidemic. Is it time to panic?

08 March, 2017

Media reports of a flu epidemic in the United States are causing alarm.

A better drug deal for Australians

08 March, 2017

'Cutting a better drug deal', a report released by the Grattan Institute, shows Australians are paying up to five times the price for a group of seven commonly prescribed drugs.

Less is more when treating kids with cancer

04 March, 2017

A reduction in the therapeutic radiation dose used to treat paediatric cancers is likely the cause of a drop in subsequent cancer in children, according to a study appearing in the 28 February issue of JAMA.

How fake drugs end up in our public health system (and how to spot them)

01 March, 2017 by Bruce Baer Arnold, University of Canberra

We do not have a strong sense of how many counterfeit drugs are in the public health system and if you are relying on medication to support your health, you want it to work.

Deep brain stimulation offers hope for chronic anorexia

01 March, 2017

Treatment-resistant anorexia has the highest mortality rate of any psychiatric disorder. Deep brain stimulation is giving patients hope.

Platypus venom could hold key to diabetes treatment

28 February, 2017

Australian researchers have discovered remarkable evolutionary changes to insulin regulation in the platypus and the echidna — which could pave the way for new treatments for type 2 diabetes in humans.

'Mini-guts' offer clues to paediatric GI illness

21 February, 2017

A miniature model of the gut made from stem cells lifts the lid on how infection-causing enteroviruses enter the intestine.

Malaria vaccine trial shows up to 100% protection

17 February, 2017

A human trial for a malaria vaccine has achieved up to 100% protection against infection (by the same strain used in the vaccine) for at least 10 weeks after the last dose.

3 companies to receive seed funds to develop medical devices for children

15 February, 2017

The Philadelphia Pediatric Medical Device Consortium (PPDC) has announced seed grants to three companies developing medical devices for children.

Contaminated machines used in cardiac surgery cause infection in patients

15 February, 2017

Melbourne researchers have used cutting-edge genomics technology to show a strain of a bacteria can be transmitted to patients from machines commonly used to regulate body temperature during cardiac surgery.

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