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Little lungs breathe easier thanks to Melbourne neonatal nurse

17 March, 2021

Neonatal intensive care nurse Seona Emanuelli developed the Bidibots nasal cannula for premature and sick babies.

IVF birth rates improve across ANZ: report

23 September, 2019

IVF success rates in Australia and New Zealand have continued to improve, while the number of IVF twins are falling.

Dad's touch helps premmie bubs thrive

01 August, 2019

Getting more dads into neonatal units could help hospitals' littlest patients thrive, research from Edith Cowan University shows.

Images show infants' heads changing shape during birth

23 May, 2019

Using MRI, scientists have captured 3D images that show how infants' brains and skulls change shape as they move through the birth canal just before delivery.

New discovery on how baby's sex determined

21 December, 2018

Until now, it was believed a baby's sex was determined by its X-Y chromosome combination. However, scientists have found a new influence.

Uterus from deceased donor results in live birth

12 December, 2018

This is the first case of a uterus from a deceased donor resulting in a live birth, suggesting more options may soon be available for infertile women.

Moving ultrasound pictures capture babies' first breaths

05 September, 2018

The images represent a breakthrough in understanding how human lungs transition from the womb to the first breaths at birth.

Blood test predicts pregnancy due date

12 June, 2018

Researchers have developed a simple blood test that can predict a pregnant woman's delivery date.

Caffeine in womb linked to childhood weight gain

02 May, 2018

Research suggests mums-to-be should cut out caffeine altogether.

Microdial Flowmeter

18 April, 2018

Working in partnership with neonatologists, BPR Medical has designed a special range of Microdial flowmeters that provide Neonatal ICU and Special Care Baby Units with the precision and control needed to effectively treat premature babies with medical oxygen.

Epilepsy drugs in womb linked to poor school results

30 March, 2018

Women considering pregnancy should be told about the pros and cons of different approaches, say researchers.

Left-, right-handedness visible in the womb

03 January, 2018

Foetal kinematics, the science behind determining if a baby is left- or right-handed in the womb, may also have wider applications.

Pregnancy test could identify complications

05 December, 2017

Serious complications including miscarriage may soon be identified through this new non-invasive test.

IVF link to spontaneous preterm birth

15 November, 2017

A new study has found an approximate 80% increased risk of spontaneous preterm birth.

60 seconds to save thousands of preterm babies' lives

08 November, 2017

New research finds waiting 60 seconds before clamping a preterm baby's umbilical cord could save the baby's life — and thousands more.

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