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PBS listing for ulcerative colitis treatment

05 July, 2021

Australians living with moderate-to-severe ulcerative colitis can now access a PBS-listed oral treatment alternative.

Gut imbalance linked to 'long COVID'

12 January, 2021

A study published in the journal Gut reveals that the gut microbiome may influence the severity of COVID-19 and the immune system's response to the infection.

Arthritis drug could let coeliac patients eat gluten

30 July, 2020

A treatment for rheumatoid arthritis and bowel disease could allow people with coeliac disease to eat gluten without consequences.

Evidence supports lowering bowel cancer screening age

25 June, 2020

An Australian study reveals that bowel cancer rates in people under the age of 50 are rising, with one in 10 new bowel cancer cases occurring in this cohort.

Collaboration will tackle coeliac disease

17 June, 2020

The research collaboration aims to advance our understanding of the immune mechanisms behind coeliac disease.

Australian poo lab targets global gut market

12 March, 2020 by Belinda Willis

South Australia is securing its poo stores for international export.

Chronic IBS pain identified as 'gut itch'

17 October, 2019

Flinders University researchers at the South Australian Health & Medical Research Institute have discovered that receptors that cause irritated, itchy skin also exist in the human gut.

Great Comebacks Awards celebrate inspiring ostomates

30 September, 2019

William Cusack and Julia Kittscha have both been recognised at the 2019 ConvaTec Great Comebacks Awards for their unwavering spirit, resilience and determination to living, and supporting those with a stoma.

Antibiotics linked to heightened bowel cancer risk

23 August, 2019

Antibiotic use is linked to a heightened risk of bowel cancer, research published in the journal Gut has found. But the risk was lowered for rectal cancer.

Trust in staff fosters better bowel check

31 July, 2019

Information, guidance and trust in hospital staff and systems make for a better patient colonoscopy experience, a Bowel Cancer Australia survey shows.

1 in 2 Crohn's patients psychologically distressed

06 May, 2019

New research has found that only 16% of Crohn's patients are asked about their mental health by their doctor. This needs to change.

Breath test diagnoses gut diseases

26 March, 2019

A simple test developed by South Australian researchers could eliminate painful endoscopies.

Common virus could trigger coeliac in kids

14 February, 2019

Children who are genetically disposed towards coeliac disease could be triggered by a common intestinal virus.

Doctors poop Lego

27 November, 2018

Six Aussie doctors swallowed Lego heads in the name of science — and retained their sense of humour.

Improve lifestyle or risk 45,000 cases of bowel cancer

28 September, 2018

If Australians don't reduce their smoking, weight gain and excessive alcohol consumption, 45,000 cases of bowel cancer are likely over the next decade.

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