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Life hacks for nursing. Part 6 - Mindfulness

22 June, 2016 by Corin Kelly

Mindfulness is the ability to bring your attention to the present moment – to notice when our mind wanders and bring it back into focus. It is also about observing without engaging our judgement or emotions. Mindfulness keeps us in the present instead of dwelling in the past or worrying about the future.

Incontinence prevention and management

20 June, 2016 by Corin Kelly

One in four Australians aged 15 and older is incontinent. And don’t assume they’re all infirm and elderly; those most at risk are pregnant women, men with prostate disease, women who’ve had babies, overweight people and elite athletes.

One machine for all people

15 June, 2016 by ahhb

Enjoy a smoother procurement process

15 June, 2016 by ahhb

Seamlessly move your processes  online with TenderLink

Know your obligations when employing health practitioners

15 June, 2016 by ahhb

There are three important steps to making sure you meet your obligations. Before employing a registered health practitioner,  always check the online register Once they are employed, you need to stay up to date with any changes to their registration

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