Forbo Flooring Systems Eternal design vinyl sheet

01 October, 2020 | Forbo Flooring Systems

Forbo Flooring Systems' Eternal range is a high-quality, heterogeneous sheet vinyl floor covering that fits general-purpose needs, including those within hospital environments.

Bytec Healthcare Medi-Key medical-grade keyboard

01 October, 2020 | Tekdis

The Medi-Key is a medical-grade keyboard specifically designed and trialled to meet the strict demands of hospital wards.

Advantech FPM-200 series of industrial monitors

14 September, 2020 | Advantech Australia Pty Ltd

The FPM-200 series is built to withstand 24/7 operation in industrial environments with harsh conditions, such as excessive vibration, temperature and power fluctuations.

Malmet WDS Bedpan/Urine Bottle and Utensil/Bowl Washer-Disinfector

01 September, 2020 | Malmet

The WDS unit provides thermal disinfection for a range of reusable medical devices, including bedpans, urine bottles, utensils and bowls, in one compact design.

Hospital Products Australia T7 Powered Cart Solution

01 September, 2020 | Hospital Products Australia

HPA has integrated the speed of the Wamee 24″ medical-grade computer with the ergonomics of the Humanscale TouchPoint T7 to provide a complete workstation-on-wheels solution.

NNT Uniforms Matt Jersey Top

01 September, 2020 | NNT Uniforms

NNT's healthcare range of uniforms is designed to meet the rigours of the everyday working life of healthcare professionals in any situation.

Camfil Airepure NATA-accredited cleanroom certification

01 September, 2020 | Camfil Australia Pty Ltd

NATA-accredited certification services validate cleanrooms to Australian Standard specifications, ISO cleanroom classifications and relevant state or industry requirements.

Avalue Technology Inc. HID-2132 — 21.5″ Multi touch Medical Panel PC

01 September, 2020 | Tekdis

The HID-2132 panel PC is designed for operating and exam rooms, bedside entertainment and nursing stations, including mobile carts.

Tekdis LT-Cart laptop cart

01 August, 2020 | Tekdis

The LT-Cart from Tekdis is a lightweight laptop cart designed to meet the needs of busy healthcare environments.

Bollé Safety DFS2 disposable face shield

01 August, 2020 | Bolle Safety AU Pty Ltd

Bollé Safety's line of products is designed specifically for the healthcare and service industries.

Peerless Foods Vita-lite Canola Spread portion control 10 g

01 August, 2020 | Peerless Holdings

Vita-lite Canola Spread is a cholesterol-free, dairy-free, vegan, halal spread with no artificial colours or flavours.

Derungs UV Steriliser

01 August, 2020 | Hospital Products Australia

Derungs' UV Steriliser delivers high-energy UV-C radiation to destroy virus and bacteria DNA and can be used wherever immediate sterilisation is required for better hygiene.

UniPrint antimicrobial film for coronavirus protection

10 July, 2020 | UniPrint Pty Ltd

UniPrint's antimicrobial film has recently passed certification that proves its efficiency in combating the viral load of coronaviruses.

Bytec Healthcare GeniCart with Keyboard Tray

01 July, 2020 | Tekdis

The GeniCart is designed to be light and versatile, with minimal footprint and integrated cable management for non-cluttered work spaces.

Airepure Australia E11, H14 and U15 rated HEPA Filters

01 July, 2020 | Camfil Australia Pty Ltd

The range is manufactured from high-quality materials under strict quality-control conditions, individually tested to EN 1822 and ISO 29463 standards.

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