LiVac liver retraction device

Thursday, 17 November, 2022 | Supplied by: Livac Pty Ltd

The LiVac Retractor is a single-use soft silicone device which attaches to regulated suction in order to create a vacuum that joins the liver and diaphragm.

The device is inserted through a laparoscopic incision or port and placed between either lobe of the patient’s liver and diaphragm. The suction tubing exits the patient’s abdomen alongside a laparoscopic port and is attached to standard suction tubing, connected to regulated wall suction.

The tubing is clamped until the retractor is in position, then released. The suction creates a vacuum which joins the liver and diaphragm together, thereby retracting either the right or left lobes of liver.

Other benefits include: no extra incisions required as the tubing passes out alongside existing ports; suction causes the liver to cohere to the diaphragm thereby allowing access to the organs below, minimising trauma to the liver; the surgeon’s usual technique for the intended surgery is barely changed — no liver congestion; does not cause compression or congestion of the liver parenchyma as it is the only retractor which attaches from above; as the liver is held up, the plane of dissection between the gallbladder and liver opens up more easily than the alternative approach; and no surgical assistant required for laparoscopic cholecystectomy, other than a holder for the laparoscope.

Online: Livac Pty Ltd
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