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Overactive bladder drug linked to depression

06 April, 2017

A link has been found between the use of antimuscarinic drugs and depression.

Choosing Wisely at Austin Health

13 July, 2016 by ahhb

Why does our balance get worse as we grow older?

15 October, 2015 by Sharon Smith

All of us have taken a tumble at some point in our lives. But as we grow older, the risks associated with falling over become greater: we lose physical strength and bone density, our sense of balance deteriorates and we take longer to recover from a fall. Alarmingly, this process begins around the age of 25. The reasons for this are varied and complex, but by understanding them better, we can find ways to mitigate the effects of old age.

Mental health care spending saves money - The Conversation

07 September, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Mental health has become the awakening giant of health care, as Australians realise how ubiquitous mental illness really is in their everyday lives. But there’s a growing disconnect between this grassroots awareness and decisive action towards providing the full spectrum of care for those in need.

A Guide to a Second Medical Opinion

24 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Michael Vagg, Barwon Health

Health Check: What Causes Headaches?

03 August, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Michael Vagg, Barwon Health

Stomach Ulcer Treatments May Reduce Risk of Gastric Cancer

22 July, 2015 by Sharon Smith

Treatments for Helicobacter pylori bacterium— the main cause of stomach ulcers — may reduce the risk of gastric cancer, according to recent reseach published in the Cochrane Library. The studies were conducted in Colombia, China and Japan.

Australia Invests in Primary Healthcare Nurses

06 July, 2015 by Sharon Smith

The numbers of nurses working in rural and remote settings will increase as part of a partnership between the Federal Government and Australian Primary Health Care Nurses Association (APNA).

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