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Hotel quarantine: how secure is the system?

12 April, 2021 by Jane Allman

With hotel quarantine forming a crucial line of defence against variants of SARS-CoV-2, just how watertight is the system?

Con-Serv Friction Slide Grab Rail Handset Cradle

01 April, 2021 | Supplied by: Con-Serv

The Con-Serv Friction Slide Grab Rail Handset Cradle (HC 932 C) is specifically designed for people with weakened or arthritic grip.

Reducing the financial and environmental costs of PPE

31 March, 2021 by Brendon Rowse, Managing Director of Welspring and Simon Dawkins, Lead RFID Consultant at RFiD Discovery

The cost and sustainability challenge of healthcare PPE can be addressed by bringing new technologies together.

The epidemic of burnout in the health and social sectors

31 March, 2021 by Alison Coughlan

The sustained physical, emotional and psychological demands of our work are literally destroying lives.

Good governance for food safety management

23 March, 2021 by Andrew Thomson*

It's time for the health- and aged-care sectors to move beyond meeting minimum compliance requirements and strive for business excellence in food safety management systems.

What do women in health care choose to challenge this IWD?

08 March, 2021

This International Women's Day, four inspirational women tell us what #ChooseToChallenge means to them and women in health care.

COVID uniform trends and what the future looks like

08 March, 2021 by Pamela Jabbour, Founder and CEO of Total Image Group

Uniforms play a central role in the pandemic-response arsenal, impacting everything from infection control to patient experience.

Can employers direct employees to be vaccinated?

08 March, 2021 by Patrick Walsh, Director, DW Fox Tucker Lawyers

When is it lawful and reasonable for employers to direct employees to undergo vaccination against COVID-19?

The health and financial imperative to improve health care's environmental footprint

26 February, 2021 by Dr Emma-Leigh Synnott, Dr Carrie Lee

Our changing climate is exposing Australians to climate-related illnesses, and healthcare services are vulnerable to a range of risks.

Infection control practices need a post-COVID update

25 February, 2021 by Dr Cathryn Murphy, Adjunct Honorary Associate Professor at Bond University*

The COVID-19 pandemic exposed vulnerabilities in how infection control is managed within the Australian healthcare system.

Report reveals devastating impact of Trump's health policies

18 February, 2021

The report finds that Trump's health policies may have killed more than one million Americans.

Review recognises violent reality of working in hospitals

18 February, 2021

The Anderson Review into hospital security reveals the bloody and violent reality confronting hospital workers across NSW, according to the Health Services Union.

Register now for Australian Healthcare Week 2021

09 February, 2021

The 2021 Australian Healthcare Week Expo will feature six free-to-attend on-floor programs designed for all areas of the healthcare community.

Osteoporosis Australia rebrands as Healthy Bones Australia

09 February, 2021

Osteoporosis Australia has announced an official rebrand and the launch of an educational resource hub to reinforce the importance of fracture prevention.

Medical Training Survey reveals culture needs addressing

03 February, 2021

According to more than 21,000 doctors in training, the quality of their training is generally high, but concerns persist regarding the culture of medicine.

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