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A mobile approach to personalising care under the NDIS

29 November, 2019 by Craig Bolton, IT Coordinator, Multitask

The NDIS has had a monumental impact on the care sector, from both a client and provider perspective. For better or worse, it's meant that many care providers have had to rethink their approaches.

Flinders team joins new centre for medical implant tech

08 November, 2019

The new centre will specialise in personalised orthopaedic and maxillofacial solutions and provide training for PhD students and early-career researchers to engage with industry and clinical partners.

5 important ways to maintain patient confidentiality

24 September, 2019

In a world that is becoming ever more digital, how can patient-facing organisations be sure that they are keeping information appropriately protected at all times?

Are healthcare providers ready to embrace a digital future?

11 September, 2019 by Dr Richard Favero*

Mobile technology could be the cure for futureproofing doctor–patient relationships.

HLP Controls TX Temp — Enless fridge temperature monitoring

01 July, 2019

The TX Temp — Enless temperature sensor from HLP Controls provides data logging to the cloud to ensure vaccine and blood fridges are at the correct temperature.

USM-500 medical-grade edge server

04 March, 2019

The USM-500 medical-grade edge server is designed to provide a cost-effective server solution for a wide range of medical applications.

Why generic printer cartridges are not the same as generic drugs

01 February, 2019

If health facilities are using the wrong toner, that easy-to-overlook printing component could be a bigger potential hazard than even the drugs administered and prescribed by the clinic.

A wristband printer that specialises in healthcare

05 September, 2018

At the centre of every hospital's safety program is the patient wristband, which ensures that accurate patient information is always available at the point of care.

Top healthcare printing solutions and why you need them

01 July, 2018

Effective care depends on smooth and efficient processes, and robust, reliable and secure communication and information sharing is mission-critical.

Man dies after fax to doctor goes astray

18 May, 2018

A cancer patient may still be alive today if his clinicians had spoken to each other, rather than relying on faxed reports.

In Conversation... with Dr Keith Ooi

06 March, 2018

Dr Ooi, and his colleague Dr Michael Coffey, are seeking to revolutionise the way medical students learn... through gaming.

Putting patients at ease with smart and effective technology

01 February, 2018

When thinking about hospitals and the day-to-day technology that staff use to look after patients, it is easy to focus on larger equipment like an MRI or CT Scanner.

One machine for all people

19 January, 2018

From chaotic emergency rooms to quiet waiting rooms, the healthcare industry relies on technology to perform its tasks reliably so carers can focus on the health of patients rather than the health of their IT equipment.

Putting patients at ease with smart and effective technology

27 September, 2017

If you find yourself in the emergency room as a patient, things have probably not gone your way in recent times. Chances are you would prefer to be anywhere else and so when it comes time to be admitted, the more effortless that process is, the better.

Fax-free health care a step closer

19 July, 2017

New technology will enable health data to flow securely from one healthcare provider to another.

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