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Safely store vaccines, bloods, insulins and medicines

25 January, 2021

Keeping patients and staff safe in today's high risk environment is more challenging than ever. But there's one area where you can significantly reduce your risk.

Help for difficult-to-pipette samples

02 November, 2020

If you are working with samples that are difficult to pipette or can be damaged by pipetting, you should consider using wide bore pipette tips.

Harcor Security bags for medical records, medicines and equipment

01 November, 2020

Harcor's range of security bags is designed for the sanitary storage and transportation of medical records, medicines and equipment.

Harcor custom-made specimen bags

01 November, 2020

Harcor's printed, clear-coloured specimen bags are compartmentalised to prevent cross infection during transportation of specimens to the laboratory for testing.

How printers are increasing the risk of data breaches in hospitals

16 September, 2020 by Adam O’Neill, Managing Director, Australia and New Zealand, Y Soft

In Australia, health service providers are the most common victims of data breaches, accounting for 115 of a total of 518 data breaches reported in the period January to June 2020.

HEPA filters and housings for hospital environments

01 August, 2020

Technical information on effective HEPA design and operation for hospital environments.

Bollé Safety DFS2 disposable face shield

01 August, 2020

Bollé Safety's line of products is designed specifically for the healthcare and service industries.

BC Biomedical ULT 2000 Series Ultrasound Transducer Leakage Tester

01 July, 2020

The Electrical Leakage Tester is designed to test the electrical safety of all types of diagnostic ultrasound transducers.

TOE Probe Complete Care — Have you been damaging your TOE Probe?

01 July, 2020

A thorough understanding of the TOE ultrasound probe and how it should be reprocessed is critical.

Hospital in the Home sees rapid growth

20 May, 2020

Research shows the rapid growth in healthcare delivery via Hospital in the Home is resulting in fewer hospital readmissions and fewer deaths.

COVID-19 antibody library announced

01 May, 2020

Global peptide, protein and antibody producer ProteoGenix has announced a Human Immune COVID-19 library for the fast discovery of potent antibodies against SARS-CoV-2.

Integrate GPs in disaster planning, says RACGP

28 April, 2020

The RACGP's submission to the Royal Commission contains clear suggestions on how GPs can be better involved in crises such as the 2019–2020 summer bushfires.

Sustainability in focus at SMHS

18 April, 2020

Recycling hand towels used in operating theatres is just one of many environmental sustainability initiatives being embraced by the South Metropolitan Health Service.

A Day in the Life of Ros Morgan

10 December, 2018

Ros Morgan is the ANMF (Vic) Environmental Health Officer. She uses a creative approach to sustainability, with effective results.

A 'healthy' approach to PVC sustainability

26 November, 2018

Healthcare organisations can improve their environmental footprint and save on disposal costs through recycling their PVC waste.

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