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Breastmilk bank celebrates 10 years

03 March, 2021

More than 1000 sick and premature babies have been fed precious breastmilk donated by new mothers since the Mercy Health Breastmilk Bank opened its doors.

Extended listing for paediatric cerebral palsy treatment

09 December, 2020

Thousands of Australian children living with cerebral palsy now have access to an additional treatment option to treat moderate to severe upper limb spasticity.

Minimising microplastics release when preparing infant formula

02 November, 2020

Discovering that high levels of microplastics are released when preparing formula in polypropylene infant feeding bottles, researchers have developed recommendations to mitigate the risk.

Paediatric stroke rehabilitation guidelines published

17 August, 2020

Researchers and clinical experts led by the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute have produced Australian clinical guidelines to improve the rehabilitation of children who have a stroke.

Q&A: Kawasaki Disease and COVID-19 in children

14 May, 2020

Dr Angus Stock answers questions about Kawasaki Disease and the risk to children in Australia.

Swim for Starlight

18 October, 2019

2020's Starlight Super Swim is encouraging Australians to make a positive splash to help the Starlight Children's Foundation brighten the lives of seriously ill and hospitalised children.

Parents of bad sleepers suffer daytime dysfunction

14 October, 2019

Parents of infants with poor sleeping habits are three times more likely to experience daytime dysfunction compared with parents of infants without sleep troubles.

Australian pre-teens sedentary, new study finds

09 July, 2019

It's not unusual for 11- and 12-year-olds to spend up to 11 hours seated.

Lung issues follow premmies into adulthood

23 May, 2019

People born very preterm or very low weight are four times more likely to have lung-related issues in early adulthood than those born on time.

Delay newborn bath to improve breastfeeding

25 January, 2019

Delaying a newborn's first bath by 12 hours may significantly improve breastfeeding exclusivity, and make it easier for the baby to latch.

Falling down

24 July, 2018 by Daniela Feuerlicht, Suzanne Sheppard-Law, Reece Hinchcliff*

Too often, children are being injured by falls while in hospital, presenting a significant challenge to healthcare providers. Two organisations step up to change the status quo.

New app helps manage and reduce food allergy risk in kids

06 June, 2018

Australia has the highest rate of food allergies in the world, which is why researchers have launched a new, free app to help manage the risks.

Nocturnal Enuresis (Bedwetting) Resource Kit — 2nd edition

23 May, 2018

This revised edition is a free, practical tool for clinicians, patients and their families, anticipating the different stages of diagnosis and treatment.

Children give endurance athletes a run for their money

27 April, 2018

Ever wondered how children have the energy to run around all day? Researchers have the answer.

Kids see 800 junk food ads per year

20 April, 2018

With diet-related problems the leading cause of disease in Australia, new research into junk food ads seen by kids is alarming.

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