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Australian wins 2019 Best Basic Science Award for embryo work

21 October, 2019

An Australian pilot study investigating the role of antioxidants in early embryo development has won the 2019 Best Basic Science Award.

Preventative antibiotics halve childbirth infections

17 May, 2019

Preventative antibiotics, given to all women whose childbirth involves forceps or vacuum extraction, could halve maternal infections including sepsis.

Damaged sperm may cause repeated miscarriages

27 March, 2019

Recurrent pregnancy loss may be caused by damaged sperm DNA in the male partner, according to new research.

Caesarians increase risk of postnatal depression

06 February, 2019

Study author calls for increased emotional support for women who've had emergency caesarians to reduce the risk of postnatal depression.

Some Vic doctors breaking the law re abortion

31 January, 2019

Vic doctors who consciensciously object to abortion and don't recommend their patient to another doctor are breaking the law — and risking patient health.

One-third unplanned pregnancies aborted

08 October, 2018

New Australian research finds that almost one-third of unplanned pregnancies end in abortion.

Epidurals could be halved with remifentanil

16 August, 2018

A new study finds that the number of women in labour requiring epidurals could be halved if treated with remifentanil instead of pethidine.

Inducing at 39 weeks reduces risk of caesarian

13 August, 2018

Contrary to existing perceptions, inducing healthy first-time pregnant mothers at 39 weeks reduces the risk of caesarian and pre-eclampsia.

Ibuprofen not good for UTIs

24 May, 2018

A randomised trial finds ibuprofen is not a safe alternative to antibiotic treatment for urinary tract infection.

Fast food impacts women's fertility

10 May, 2018

Women who frequently eat fruit fall pregnant faster than women who consume fast food regularly.

Fever in pregnancy confirmed as source of heart, face defects

12 October, 2017

It is fever, rather than another underlying issue, that is causing defects during pregnancy.

Goodbye, Pap smears — HPV screening better at cancer detection

26 September, 2017 by Lauren Davis

In December, HPV screening will replace Pap smears, aligning with evidence from Australia's largest clinical trial.

No increased risk of death with menopausal hormone therapy

18 September, 2017

Hormone therapy after menopause does not increase risk of death from cancer or heart disease, according to a new US study.

Starting IVF younger significantly increases pregnancy success rates

26 July, 2017

Women who commence assisted reproductive technology before age 30 have a much higher chance of success.

Study: Caesarean patients sent home with more narcotic pain medications than needed

15 June, 2017 by Nancy Humphrey

Most women who undergo a caesarean childbirth are prescribed more opioid (narcotic) pain medications than needed upon release from the hospital.

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