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National clinical guidelines released for endometriosis

02 June, 2021

National clinical practice guidelines to diagnose and treat endometriosis have been released, aiming to improve the lives of women living with the debilitating condition.

PBS-listed progesterone pessary slashes preterm birth risk

31 May, 2021

A vaginal progesterone pessary is reported to be the first progesterone treatment to be reimbursed via the PBS for the prevention of preterm birth.

Study reports more twins than ever

16 March, 2021

A global review of twinning rates finds that humans are giving birth to more twins than ever before.

Most women never use frozen eggs

12 January, 2021

Research at The University of Melbourne reveals that most women who freeze their eggs for later use do not end up using them, leading to wastage.

Research findings could sound new era in sperm selection

11 December, 2020

Monash University researchers have created a new approach for separating high-quality sperm in assisted reproduction using combined acoustic waves and fluid dynamics.

Pregnant and postpartum women with COVID-19 are at risk of blood clotting

17 November, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

Pregnant women who contract COVID-19 may be at higher risk of blood clotting, especially those who become severely ill with the virus, says Associate Professor Sanjaya Senanayake of the Australian National University.

Survey says Australians overestimate IVF success

13 October, 2020

A Your Fertility survey reveals that most Australians are unaware of how early their fertility starts to decline, with many placing too much faith in IVF as a backup measure.

Cochrane Review finds individualised treatment best for PCOS

11 September, 2020

The study compared the two most common treatments used in the long-term medical management of the condition: the oral contraceptive pill and metformin.

Pandemic guidelines leave women and babies at risk

18 August, 2020

A UniSA researcher and qualified midwife warns that guidelines discouraging women from attending face-to-face antenatal visits could result in a spike in stillbirths.

Why Australian birthweight charts need revising

22 July, 2020

Researchers have called for the revision of Australian birthweight charts to improve diagnosis of babies that are small for their gestational age.

Studies provide new umbilical cord management data

09 December, 2019

Two studies published in JAMA have provided data on the effects of umbilical cord interventions on women undergoing caesarean delivery at term and the effects on preterm infants.

Study suggests labour induction at 41 weeks

25 November, 2019

Researchers in Sweden set out to compare induction of labour at 41 weeks with expectant management until 42 weeks in low-risk pregnancies.

Online resources for early menopause sufferers

11 November, 2019

Monash University and RMIT, in collaboration with Healthtalk Australia, have launched an online resource to address the lack of information and awareness of early menopause.

Researchers develop early warning system for pre-eclampsia

24 October, 2019

Researchers at Edith Cowan University have developed a simple, low-cost test for predicting pre-eclampsia.

Australian wins 2019 Best Basic Science Award for embryo work

21 October, 2019

An Australian pilot study investigating the role of antioxidants in early embryo development has won the 2019 Best Basic Science Award.

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