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Stethoscopes loaded with bacteria

20 December, 2018

A new study has found that stethoscopes are loaded with diverse bacteria, including some that can cause healthcare-associated infections.

A new line of defence

01 December, 2018

As the world's first non-leaching antimicrobial glove, GloveOn Protect is the next game-changing innovation for reducing healthcare associated infections (HAIs).

Sepsis rates dropping in men, but still higher than for women

29 October, 2018

With the exception of Australia, Austria and New Zealand, over 30 countries in a sepsis study had higher rates of sepsis mortality in men than in women.

Hand-hygiene education for future doctors insufficient

29 October, 2018 by Dr Rajneesh Kaur^, Dr Holly Seale*

Doctors are known for hand-hygiene non-compliance. Does this stem from medical students receiving insufficient education?

Staffing levels and infection prevention

09 October, 2018 by Brett Mitchell*

Increased levels of nurse staffing seem to be associated with a decrease in the risk of acquiring HAIs.

Hospital privacy curtains breed bacteria

04 October, 2018

A new study finds privacy curtains in patient rooms riddled with resistant bacteria, suggesting they should be changed or laundered regularly.

Product confusion in ultrasound disinfectants is a risk to patient safety

01 October, 2018

Non-compliance in the adequate disinfection of surfaces and medical devices is a growing area of concern for infection control.

Reduce HAIs by up to 55%

26 September, 2018

Even in high-income countries and in institutions with standard-of-care infection prevention and control measures, improvements may still be possible.

Hand hygiene Q&A

25 September, 2018

With nurses making up 50% of the healthcare workforce, do nursing students receive sufficient education on hand hygiene? We find out.

Common antibiotic destroys superbug

24 September, 2018

An adjusted antibiotic has successfully stopped superbugs Klebsiella and E. coli in their tracks, and could soon save 30,000 lives per annum.

CLARUS Digital Inspection Scope

24 September, 2018

The CLARUS Digital Inspection Scope is a medical-grade borescope with built-in high-definition camera and light source.

Automated temperature controls safer for vaccines

24 September, 2018 by Alan Stocker*

When materials aren't stored at the correct temperature, they become less effective or can be wasted.

Effective environmental cleaning protects the health of patients and staff: successful training is available

21 September, 2018

Over recent years there has been substantial evidence showing that bacterial contamination of environmental surfaces in hospital rooms is a major factor in the transmission of healthcare-associated pathogens.

Multiprac 4.0 — infection control and staff health management system

19 September, 2018

The Multiprac 4.0 system can be used for monitoring and managing infections and staff health in hospitals and nursing homes.

Being the 'I' in Infection Prevention

17 September, 2018 by Cathryn Murphy*

Being an infection control expert isn't always an advantage... especially when you're the patient and envisaging lurgies on every surface.

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