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Golden staph bloodstream infection rate stable, says report

20 February, 2020

An AIHW report says Australian public hospitals are exceeding the national target for reducing golden staph bloodstream infections, with a stable infection rate reported for the last five years.

Safe nCov coronavirus vaccine may take years

10 February, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

The claims of multiple vaccine developers that an nCov coronavirus vaccine may soon be in our hands are misleading, says expert.

Reaching for the sky with infection prevention and disease control strategies

03 February, 2020 by Dr Cristina Sotomayor-Castillo*, Mr Jeremy Malik** and Professor Ramon Z Shaban***

With air travel comes the rapid spread of pathogens and dissemination of infectious diseases. Mobilising channels to disseminate health information to passengers could help reduce risk.

Seven cases of coronavirus confirmed in Australia

30 January, 2020

Worldwide, approximately 6074 cases of the virus have been confirmed and 132 deaths have been reported.

Genetically modified mozzies fight dengue

17 January, 2020

CSIRO and the University of California San Diego have engineered what is claimed to be the first breed of genetically modified mosquitoes resistant to spreading all four types of the dengue virus.

RMIT develops suberbug-shredding tech

15 January, 2020

Researchers have developed a bacteria-destroying technology that uses nano-sized particles of magnetic liquid metal to shred bacteria and bacterial biofilm without harming good cells.

The risk of cross-transmission from blood pressure cuffs

13 January, 2020

A number of studies have evaluated whether and to what extent blood pressure cuffs become contaminated with pathogens that may cause HAI.

Futureproofing hospital disinfection for sustainability and success

09 January, 2020 by Ivan Obreza*

What will hospital disinfection look like by the end of the next decade?

AMT Group Australasia TOE Probe Complete Care

01 January, 2020

TOE Complete Care is a start to finish reprocessing system for TOE ultrasound probes, equipped with all accessories needed to assure high-level disinfection.

Whiteley Medical Surfex dry-surface biofilm remover and disinfectant

17 December, 2019

Surfex from Whiteley Medical is a dry-surface biofilm remover and disinfectant, intended for use on environmental surfaces and for non-critical medical devices such as hospital beds and theatre trolleys.

ATP: rapid hygiene testing in health care

01 December, 2019

Hygiena ATP testing devices contain a natural enzyme found in fireflies. This enzyme produces a simple bioluminescence (light giving) reaction when it comes in contact with ATP.

Copper beds assist infection control

13 November, 2019

A study has found that intensive care unit (ICU) copper hospital beds harbour 95% fewer bacteria than conventional hospital beds, asssisting with infection control.

Upping air quality with hydroxyls

05 November, 2019

Hydroxyls can now be reproduced via compact devices that are placed in hospitals and aged-care facilities to rid the air of airborne pathogens.

Norovirus — the importance of infection prevention and enhanced cleaning and disinfection

01 November, 2019 by Glenys Harrington, Consultant, Infection Control, Diversey

Critical to prevention and control of norovirus outbreaks are standard and contact precautions in addition to enhanced cleaning and disinfection.

Changing how hospitals disinfect TOE probes

01 November, 2019

The TD 100CE automated TOE probe disinfector is designed to provide high-level disinfection of transesophageal (TOE) ultrasound probes.

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