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Government Subsidy for Compression Therapy a ‘No Brainer’

21 January, 2013 by Adriana Rehbein

Dr Bill McGuiness, AWMA President, and Ann Marie Dunk, AWMA (ACT) President and Committee Member of AWMA, are pictured at Parliament House, Canberra on 19 November 2012. The AWMA representatives spent a busy day meeting with members of the Australian Senate’s Standing Committee on Community Affairs, which focuses on the portfolio areas of Families, Housing, Community Services and Indigenous Affairs, Health and Ageing, and Human Services. Approval was given by the AWMA Committee to target the Members during Senate Sittings in November 2012. The visit focused on raising awareness of the costs associated with managing venous leg ulcers, emphasising the need for subsidy arrangements for products used to treat these wounds. The MPs were also made aware of the current work being undertaken by consultancy firm KPMG on behalf of AWMA and the web based petition to the Senate. Senators from across the political spectrum agreed that AWMA’s case for appropriate government subsidisation was a strong one that offered substantial benefits for both patients and the budgetary bottom-line. As one Senator put it, “In my view it’s a no-brainer, and I’ll be supporting you in any way I can.” Feedback of this kind was typical, regardless of party affiliation. It’s no secret that the next Federal Budget will be a tight one, but the support AWMA is receiving is mounting fast, and we will continue this campaign on behalf of our 3000 members and 300,000 patients until a successful outcome is achieved.

National Safety And Quality Health Service Standard

16 January, 2013 by John Connole

From 1st January 2013 hospitals and day procedure services across Australia will be required to participate in accreditation against the National Safety and Quality Health Service (NSQHS) Standards, writes Amy Winter.

National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards:

07 January, 2013 by Ryan Mccann

Preventing Falls and Harm from Falls

Ethics and Infectious Disease

05 December, 2012 by John Connole

Sometimes it was necessary to limit the freedom of movement of infected people to control the spread of infection, writes Professor Colin Thompson

Meliodosis: A Tropical Disease Warning

05 December, 2012 by John Connole

The Centre for Disease Control (CDC) in the NT has reported that 97 people have contracted the soil-borne disease since last wet season (2012), and nine of them have died.

How to maximise the effectiveness of your identification & access system

03 December, 2012 by John Connole

A well thought out and executed identification and access system can have a huge impact on site security and patient safety.

Melbourne Carex 2012

01 December, 2012 by John Connole

Australia’s Premier Health, Aged Care & Disability Expo” for Managers, Health & other Professionals, staff … Caulfield Racecourse, April 18 & 19, 0930-1600, Free admission

MIMS online - more than just a reference tool

26 November, 2012 by John Connole

MIMS Online offers more than just medicines information. You can also check for drug interactions and identify loose tablets with a click of a button.

Personal hand sanitisers

25 November, 2012 by John Connole

We use our hands to do things all the time. Our hands are great carriers of germs. Infection control experts have identified the hands as being the number one method whereby germs are transferred from one person to another. They regularly reinforce the good hand hygiene message in the prevention of disease outbreaks to healthcare workers and to the general public.

Juggling with justice

24 November, 2012 by John Connole

Managing violence and security risks in health and residential care services

CeBIT e-health conference 2012

23 November, 2012 by John Connole

‘Working together to implement and deliver a connected and integrated health system’

The picture of PET scanning

22 November, 2012 by John Connole

CRC for Biomedical Imaging Development (CRCBID) explains why PET scanning sets the standard of care in the modern healthcare sector.

New approaches to smoking and people with mental illness

19 November, 2012 by John Connole

More people are accepting that people with mental illness have the right to be treated to the same standard of care as people without mental illness, which includes help with a smoking addiction. Mark Ragg reports.

Antimicrobial resistance - Integrated solutions for the global conundrum

18 November, 2012 by John Connole

Integrated solutions for the global conundrum

Pivotal moment in e-health reform

15 November, 2012 by John Connole

From 1 July 2012, Australians will be able to register online for their personally controlled electronic health record (PCEHR), which will boost patient safety, improve healthcare delivery, and cut waste and duplication.

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