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The difference between Alzheimer's and dementia

14 September, 2017

While both terms are often used interchangeably, they're not the same.

Too much sitting may be bad for your brain (and your body)

07 August, 2017

We all know that exercise is good for our health, but it may also keep our brains healthy.

Addressing the physical health of people living with mental illness

27 July, 2017 by Gabrielle Maston, Dietitians Association of Australia

People living with mental illness need to take care of their physical health through healthy eating and exercise, just like everyone else.

Study: 1 in 3 dementia cases could be prevented

21 July, 2017

Improving brain health by focusing on nine key areas of health could dramatically reduce the risk of dementia.

Staff mindfulness sessions well received at John Hunter Hospital

16 June, 2017 by Dr Susannah Ward, Dr Sue Outram

Hospital initiatives designed to promote employee health and wellbeing can positively contribute to the development of a hospital culture where staff feel valued and role model health behaviour to the community. Such interventions may reduce rates of employee mental illness, absenteeism, burnout and turnover while improving workforce morale, job satisfaction and resilience.

Training like a memory athlete

08 June, 2017

A time-honoured mnemonic technique can turn mere mortals into memory athletes.

World Health Day 7 April — living with a black dog

07 April, 2017

The WHO campaign for World Health Day is focusing on the prevention and treatment of depression.

Heart risk for people with schizophrenia

08 February, 2017

Australians with schizophrenia die 25 years earlier than others due to poor heart health.

Nearly a third of med students suffer depression

12 December, 2016

"There's work stresses, there's the pressure to succeed, a lot of us are type-A personalities by nature, that's often what draws us to the profession, we're perfectionists." — Dr Dov Degen

Ethics and Aged Care

01 November, 2016 by AHHB

In this AHHB exclusive, Professor of Law at the University of Wollongong unpacks the issues facing an Australia with an increasingly ageing population. The number of people aged 65 or older has more than tripled over the last fifty years and was 3.4 million in 2014, while the number of people aged 85 and over increased nine fold to 456,600. The Australian Bureau of Statistics predicts that there will be 9.6 million people aged 65 and over and 1.9 million people aged 85 and over by 2064.

New clinical care standard for hip fracture

13 September, 2016 by Corin Kelly

The Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care in collaboration with the Health Quality & Safety Commission New Zealand has released the Hip Fracture Care Clinical Care Standard and accompanying resources. The resources provide guidance to consumers, clinicians and health services on delivering appropriate care to people with a hip fracture.

Inquiry supports RNs in aged care

11 November, 2015 by Corin Kelly

A four-month inquiry into the role of registered nurses within residential aged care in NSW, found shifts led by a registered nurse often reduced unnecessary hospitalisations and increased the quality of clinical care within residential aged sites.

Regional Assessment Services Providers Announced

02 April, 2015 by Petrina Smith

Assistant Minister for Social Services Senator Mitch Fifield  has announced 13 organisations selected to operate the My Aged Care Regional Assessment Services.

National Carer Awards Announced

17 November, 2014 by Petrina Smith

Five carers have been announced as the inagural winners of the National Carer Awards, recognising the work they do to help people reach their full potential.

'My Access Checker' Helps Patients Access Support Tools

27 August, 2014 by Petrina Smith

As the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) expands its reach, health professionals are reminded to direct patients to the online self-assessment tool, My Access Checker.

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