Quality assurance for TOE probes

AMT Group Australasia
Saturday, 29 February, 2020

Without correct compliance of transportation for TOE probes, infection outbreaks can occur. TOE probe infection can occur during transportation to and from reprocessing, from improper variations in the disinfection process and storage, and in the case of damage due to mishandling or transport.

These infection outbreaks can be managed by systemising reprocessing of TOE probes. TOE Complete Care is a start-to-finish reprocessing system for TOE ultrasound probes, equipped with all accessories needed to assure high-level disinfection, with print verification and training for staff. The Complete Care process is designed to improve quality, reduce variations in the disinfection process, control costs and reduce the risk of infections associated with medical equipment, devices and suppliers.

The TPorter TOE Ultrasound Probe Transportation Case is a crucial part of the Complete Care System, designed to effectively and securely move high-level disinfected TOE ultrasound probes to the procedure area and then return the biologically soiled TOE ultrasound probe for reprocessing. The TPorter is a complete delivery system that allows healthcare personnel to move delicate TOE ultrasound probes throughout the healthcare facility and deliver them in a manner that creates a standardised operating procedure.

The case is designed with rugged polycarbonate construction, with a clear viewing lid for easy visibility, and is reclinate transportation for the fragile TOE probes. The TPorter case allows for safe and easy handing, with a handle of polycarbonate construction to carry, also protecting the probe and staff from any damage or injury, complying with product transportation. A clear lock cover holds components in individual compartments during transport.

The TPorter has multiple compartments to secure the delicate TOE Probe and accessories: TEEZyme Sponge; 2 soiled tie band tags; Bio-Barrier Sleeve; and Bite Block. The TPorter uses ID status tags for ‘clean’ and ‘dirty’ designation, to indicate the status of the TOE probe for processing or repossessing to the operator.

Once the TOE ultrasound probe has been enzymatically precleaned, the healthcare professional should place the PullUp™ Bio-Barrier Sleeve, located within the TPorter case, onto the TOE ultrasound probe insertion tube.

When the TPorter arrives at the point of reprocessing, the high-level disinfection technician will physically remove the red tags and slide the lid for removal and access to the soiled TOE ultrasound probe. The ultrasound probe should be removed from the TPorter and reprocessing should begin per TOE ultrasound probe manufacturer’s recommendation. Proper storage and transportation of disinfected TOE probes are important to maintain their level of cleanliness, before their next use, as well as protecting the probe from possible damage caused by incorrectly handling of the device.

The TPorter is a dedicated transportation device that will help minimise the risk of probe damage and reduce staff exposure to potentially hazardous biological material. TPorter is an engineered solution for the healthcare professional that cleans, high-level disinfects, stores and delivers TOE ultrasound probes for patient care.

For more information, visit https://www.td100.com.au/tporter.

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