Designed to Care: Putting People Back into Architecture and Design

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As the health sector across Asia Pacific undergoes new challenges, we look to our A+D community to design solutions for tomorrow. Zenith Interiors have done just that!

Earlier this year, Zenith Interiors exhibited their latest collection of purpose-driven designs for the health and aged-care sectors, Zenith CARE, at Australian Healthcare Week. Covering a staggeringly vast international suite of designers and studios, the collection stands as a leading example of evidence-based design. Through Zenith CARE it is clear that Zenith Interiors is not simply trying to just change design features for health facilities — they’re trying to change the way we think about design. They’re re-writing design’s inherent logic.

With Zenith CARE, the A+D community is being asked to consider new approaches to accountability for positive outcomes on the human condition. This is design that is actively participating in a direct socio-political forum. As our healthcare facilities and practitioners are dealing with a degree of problems, capacities and limited resources — heretofore unseen — our A+D community has begun to position our collective creative and visionary potential to lobby organisational ‘best practice’. No longer can design in the healthcare industry be a secondary or luxury addition to the service of providing health. No longer, that is, can the attainment of ‘health’ be divorced from the curative benefits of the material space within which that venture is performed.

Leading by Example: Zenith Interiors and Designing Tomorrow

As ‘part’ of an extensive product and brand offering under the Zenith umbrella, Zenith CARE reminds us that the pursuit of design (not to mention the pursuit of health as well) labours too frequently under adverse conditions — but it needn’t. As the ‘sum’ of this same extensive offering, Zenith CARE embodies a history of innovation, thought-leadership and risk-taking — an entire world-history of design thinking AS humanitarianism. Design through the Zenith lens is a path to a healthier tomorrow. A path to growth.

For the inaugural year of this collection’s release, Zenith Interiors have sought to nurture and support a heightened standard of innovation, bravery, intelligence and thought-leadership across the A+D community of Asia Pacific. Their 61-year history highlights that our region’s creative potential is — until recently — a relatively untapped goldmine of radical paradigm shifts in design thinking, teaching and practicing.

Team Zenith understand that the human exists at the heart of our collective pursuit of capital-D Design. Through an impressive pan-regional presence throughout Asia Pacific, a hands-on approach to manufacture, research and development, and project management, Zenith offers us all access to an irreproachable possibility for Design: spaces that embrace technology that can be confident in the provision of solace against any difficulty we might face tomorrow.

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