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The role of telehealth in modern health care

11 April, 2022 by Jeremy Paton, team engagement solutions lead APAC at Avaya

In recent years teleconsultations have played a growing role in the delivery of healthcare and support services across Australia.

Misleading VPR reforms will restrict equitable access to health care

04 April, 2022 by Dr Margaret Faux* & Dr Silvia Pfeiffer**

From July this year, Australia's MBS telehealth system is going to change once again, and this comes after two years of constantly evolving rules and regulations regarding the delivery of healthcare services in this country.

Unaffordable innovation? The rising cost of patient care

01 March, 2022 by Richard Gerdis, Vice President & General Manager, Asia Pacific & Japan at LogicMonitor

The past two years have seen Australia's medical industry undergo significant changes, with e-health and telehealth quickly becoming the norm.

Digital Health CRC project to enhance telehealth capabilities

17 January, 2022

A $2m Digital Health Cooperative Research Centre (DHCRC) project aims to enhance telehealth capabilities and improve patient, clinician and caregiver experiences for mental health and palliative care services.

Half of Australians comfortable receiving medical services remotely

12 October, 2021

Around 48% of Australian patients would choose to rely solely on face-to-face appointments once the country is out of the COVID-19 tunnel and half of respondents (49%) said they are now comfortable with receiving medical services remotely.

Relief for the frontline

05 October, 2021

While two-thirds of Australians have been working from home since the beginning of the pandemic, a large number of healthcare workers have been putting themselves at risk on the frontline, working extended hours and taking on a greater workload, to ensure health and safety of all of us.

From transactional to personal: the future of virtual care

07 September, 2021 by Kerry Stratton

When COVID-19 hit, healthcare providers around the world transitioned quickly to deliver medical consultations remotely.

8x8 Jitsi as a Service telehealth platform

16 August, 2021

8x8 Jitsi as a Service provides features such as pre-built secure embeddable video calls, conferencing, chat and desktop sharing.

Innovative healthcare delivery to our most remote regions

16 August, 2021

Aboriginal Australians living in isolated locations will soon be able to receive remote medical examinations for the first time.

Visionflex Vision telehealth videoconferencing platform

12 August, 2021

Visionflex's videoconferencing platform, Vision, transforms internet-connected devices into remote examination and diagnostic tools.

Shure MV5C Home Office Microphone

01 August, 2021

The Shure MV5C is designed for remote telehealth appointments and other important conversations.

Technology enables health care to reach one of the most remote communities in the world

23 July, 2021

When border closures meant that no doctors or allied health professionals could reach the community of Tjuntjuntjara for more than 10 months, digital health provided an answer.

The promise of telehealth in the care digital revolution

30 June, 2021 by Andrew Twining*

With the growth of telehealth services, Australia has witnessed a shift in the market towards taking the care to the patient, rather than the patient to the care.

Transforming mental health care with AI-powered telehealth

23 June, 2021 by Kath Blackham, CEO and founder of VERSA

The combination of telehealth and artificial intelligence (AI), including AI-powered chatbots, is set to transform the delivery of mental health services globally.

How AV can benefit you and your patients' experience

21 June, 2021

Technology — particularly AV technology — can play a large role in helping patients have better experiences.

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