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How embracing technology can make life easier for the healthcare sector

26 September, 2019

Healthcare workers can often feel like a very small cog in the very big machine that is the healthcare system.

New emphasis on building 'traceability' into the healthcare digital thread

24 September, 2019

The need to build product traceability into more processes within the health system has been highlighted by patients, patient groups and regulators globally.

Health informatics — more than just data

29 August, 2019 by Jacqui Jones

Digital platforms provide the healthcare industry with great opportunities to empower the patient.

Spirit Medical S900 RealView Video Otoscope

17 July, 2019

Otoscopes have moved into the 21st century with Spirit Medical's RealView Video Otoscope.

Enabling health care with artificial intelligence

16 July, 2019 by Dhannu Daniel*

Artificial intelligence (AI) is enabling people and machines to work collaboratively, thereby changing the very nature of healthcare work.

Refront Patient/Room Information Display

02 July, 2019

The Refront Patient/Room Information Display is designed to replace handwritten or printed patient nameplates and inefficient processes.

RootiRx compact ECG IP58

02 July, 2019

At just 14 g, the RootiRx is a lightweight, water-resistant, wireless single patch that captures a single-lead ECG signal continuously up to seven days.

Comdek Portable Color Oxi-Capnography

02 July, 2019

Comdek's capnography monitor has a colour TFT display showing EtCO2, SpO2, pulse, respiration, SpO2 and EtCO2 waveform.

Healthcare networks driving digital health

19 June, 2019

Health and hospital professionals are looking for connections and new networks in specialised health informatics fields.

The rise of educational technology in health care

06 May, 2019 by Alexander Roche*

Moving into virtual-reality- and augmented-reality-based training can — and should — change the traditional learning methodologies.

Advantech HIT-W183 Healthcare Information Terminal

01 May, 2019

The HIT-W183 is an innovative, ultra-slim healthcare information terminal from the Advantech iHealthcare series.

How AI is helping Rohingya refugee health

25 February, 2019

Refugee camps are fertile grounds for disease. A start-up has created an app to quickly diagnose skin manifestations, so more patients can be seen, faster.

AI supports instant diagnosis of top eye disease

30 January, 2019

A new technique, supported by artificial intelligence, supports the instant and early diagnosis of one of the top causes of blindness.

How clinical decision support systems can save lives

21 January, 2019 by Dr Rohin Rameswarapu*

When successfully embedded with electonic medical systems, CDSSs can save lives.

GS1 Australia Recall Health product recall system

17 January, 2019

GS1 Australia's Recall Health shares the most up-to-date product recall information with all involved stakeholders in real time.

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