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Australia's 'hidden affliction': chronic wounds

19 July, 2018

Health practitioners are being asked to help raise awareness of chronic wounds, especially with at-risk ageing patients.

Alcohol intake linked to PMS symptoms

30 April, 2018

Does alcohol contribute to PMS, or does PMS drive women to alcohol? Researchers have found the surprising answer.

World's hottest chilli causes thunderclap headaches

12 April, 2018

A man suffered unusual consequences when participating in a hot chilli pepper eating competition.

Most lower back pain treated incorrectly

03 April, 2018

Worldwide, overuse of inappropriate tests and treatments such as imaging, opioids and surgery means patients are not receiving the right care, and resources are wasted.

Opioids unnecessary for chronic pain

09 March, 2018

A small US study has found that non-opioid-based medicines were as effective as opioid medicines at improving chronic back, hip or knee pain.

Reminder: From 1 Feb, codeine is prescription only

31 January, 2018 by Laini Bennett

Australia is following other countries in curbing access to codeine medications to prevent, reduce and manage codeine addiction. Resources are available to healthcare practitioners to assist with the change.

Codeine abuse costing the Australian health system

25 September, 2017

One hospital alone had $1 million in codeine abuse-related costs.

Health Care Homes trial starting October

10 July, 2017

Patients with chronic health concerns will benefit from a coordinated approach to their care, with trials starting soon.

Chronic fatigue syndrome: self-help exercise program may improve symptoms

30 June, 2017

Some chronic fatigue syndrome sufferers may experience reduced fatigue thanks to a self-help exercise program.

New medical cannabis industry body to position Australia as world leader

22 June, 2017

The founder of BuddingTech, a medical cannabis technology start-up, believes an industry body is essential for providing patients, doctors and the community with the right information and access to safe and proven products.

Emergency Medicine in Rural Mali

31 October, 2016 by AHHB

In Koutiala, in southern Mali, severe acute malnutrition, malaria, diarrhoea, respiratory tract diseases and other so-called opportunistic infections are creating havoc in children aged six months to five years. Dr Lisa Umphrey describes how Médecins Sans Frontières/Doctors Without Borders (MSF) is working to prevent infant mortality in a region that has very few health professionals.

Miele Professional launches a new endto-end solution for Australian CSSD’s

21 September, 2016 by AHHB

Full state of the art instrument reprocessing to meet the new standards arrives.

More nurses mean less death

17 February, 2016 by Corin Kelly

HPV vaccine not linked to rare conditions

09 November, 2015 by Corin Kelly

Scientists say they have found no evidence to link reported cases of two rare conditions with the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine, given to protect teenage girls from cervical cancer.

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