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Investment in midwives could save 4.3 million lives per year by 2035

07 December, 2020

Scaling up global midwife-led care could reduce maternal deaths by 67%, newborn deaths by 64% and stillbirths by 65%, according to a new modelling study.

Study finds pregnancy can delay onset of MS symptoms

17 September, 2020

A Monash-led international study has found that pregnancy can delay the onset of multiple sclerosis symptoms by more than three years.

Acceleration of inhaled oxytocin to reduce maternal mortality

18 August, 2020

A novel form of oxytocin is in accelerated development at Monash Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences to address the world's leading cause of maternal mortality.

Thrush treatment caution for women in first trimester

22 May, 2020

Researchers found that pregnant women taking oral fluconazole appeared to have an increased risk of giving birth to a baby with muscle and bone malformations.

Stillbirth risk increases after 37 weeks

04 July, 2019

A UK study has found an increase in the risk of stillbirth after 37 weeks.

<40% of pregnant women getting flu vax

25 April, 2019

Women born overseas, those who smoke during pregnancy and those of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander descent are the least likely to be vaccinated when pregnant.

Sleeping on side halves stillbirth risk

03 April, 2019

Pregnant women who sleep on either side during their last three months of pregnancy reduce their risk of a stillbirth by half.

Time between pregnancies not linked to stillbirth risk

05 March, 2019

A new study has confirmed that there is no increased risk of adverse birth outcomes if a woman falls pregnant within 12 months of a stillbirth.

Pumped breastmilk link to chronic disease

22 February, 2019

A major study has found that pumped breastmilk may contain an increase in pathogens that can lead to chronic disease.

Scented hearts bond premmies and parents

28 January, 2019

One hospital has joined forces with a local quilting club to help premmies and parents bond — over hand-stitched hearts, infused with their own scent.

Tailoring approaches to breastfeeding

16 October, 2018 by Jane Scott*

Breastfeeding research from experts from around the world suggests a tailored approach helps both mother and child.

Maternal death risk doubles with anaemia

02 April, 2018

Pregnant women with anaemia are twice as likely to die during pregnancy or shortly after giving birth than those without anaemia.

Soy-milk formula affects infant reproductive organs

16 March, 2018

The effects are subtle and not cause for alarm, but further research into the long-term effects of the oestrogen-like compounds found in soy-based formulas is required.

Pregnancy antibiotics use linked to childhood infection

13 February, 2018

Children born to mothers who took antibiotics while pregnant have up to a 20% increased risk of being hospitalised with infection.

Mothers of prem babies at risk of heart disease death

02 February, 2018

A major study has revealed that women who give birth prematurely have double the risk of dying from heart disease later in life, and recommends that obstetric history be considered during cardiovascular assessments.

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