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Bionic discoveries create real-world solutions

27 October, 2020 by Jane Allman

Bionics innovations are changing the lives of people around the world who live with complex disabilities, chronic diseases and previously untreatable health conditions.

Pioneering research gives hope on World Sight Day

08 October, 2020

Gene and cell therapy are two emerging technologies offering new hope to patients with diseases where no treatments have been available in the past.

Delays to diagnosis and treatment may lead to rise in preventable deaths, says AHHA

07 September, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

Delays in the diagnosis and treatment of illnesses during COVID-19 may lead to a rise in preventable deaths in Australia, warns Alison Verhoeven, CE of AHHA.

Plastics exposure evident in human tissues

20 August, 2020

Research presented at the American Chemical Society Fall 2020 Virtual Meeting & Expo has examined the presence of micro- and nanoplastics in human organs and tissues.

Weak evidence base for COVID-19 antibody tests

02 July, 2020

An international team of researchers has warned that evidence does not support the continued use of existing point-of-care tests for COVID-19.

Opinion: Doctors against role substitution

01 July, 2020 by Dr Chris Perry, AMA Queensland President

Dr Chris Perry discusses AMAQ's issues with task substitution — highlighting concerns for patient safety.

Clinical trials on the front foot for COVID-19

23 June, 2020 by Mark Glover, Country Manager ANZ, Medidata

Clinical trials have never been more critical as the world faces one of the most significant health crises in recent memory.

Could COVID-19 trigger new-onset diabetes?

22 June, 2020

Emerging evidence suggests that COVID-19 may trigger the onset of diabetes in healthy people and cause complications in pre-existing cases.

AI tool predicts severe respiratory illness in early COVID-19

08 April, 2020 by Amy Sarcevic

An AI tool developed by New York University could predict which COVID-19 patients will go on to contract acute respiratory distress syndrome, before any severe symptoms emerge.

Study suggests chest CT to diagnose COVID-19

03 March, 2020

A Chinese study of more than 1000 patients has found that chest CT outperformed lab testing in the diagnosis of COVID-19.

Bringing rare disesases to the fore

28 February, 2020

Many families spend years looking for a cause to the symptoms of a rare disease. A diagnosis gives families an answer and the ability to find support.

Australian research leading the charge in malaria elimination

15 November, 2019

Professor Brendan Crabb received the 2019 GSK Award for Research Excellence for his research on malaria.

Medical innovations for 2020

30 October, 2019

A list of up-and-coming technologies has been unveiled by the Cleveland Clinic, selected by a panel of Cleveland Clinic physicians and scientists.

Understanding impulse control behaviours in Parkinson's disease

28 October, 2019

Researchers have discovered how medications for Parkinson's disease cause some patients to develop addictive behaviours such as problem gambling, binge eating, hypersexuality and excessive shopping.

Blood test allows for rapid TB diagnosis

28 October, 2019

Tuberculosis (TB) can now be identified in less than an hour thanks to a new blood test.

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