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Virtual biopsy could transform heart transplant care

31 May, 2022

The days of heart transplant survivors undergoing invasive biopsies could soon be over with a new technique reducing complications.

Haemophilia support: AR Joint Scanner unveiled at the CHW

30 May, 2022

An Australian-designed, augmented reality (AR) technology will give young people living with haemophilia a glimpse into the future and help them stay on track with treatment.

Radiology, a core element of the healthcare system in Australia

26 January, 2022

As healthcare evolves, so does the role of imaging. The shift to value-based models means playing an active role throughout the patient journey — and keeping a watchful eye on outcomes.

Predicting risk of spinal fracture using bioengineering

22 January, 2021 by Assistant Professor Dennis E Anderson, Brett Allaire, Dr Hossein Mokhtarzadeh and Professor Mary L Bouxsein

Researchers have developed biomechanical models that use mathematical- and physics-based representations of human movement to predict spinal loading.

Point-of-care ultrasound: levelling the healthcare playing field

06 May, 2020

Med tech company Butterfly Network is on a mission to democratise health care for the 4.7 billion people around the world who lack access to medical imaging.

Second schizophrenia subtype identified

04 March, 2020

Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania have identified two distinct neuroanatomical subtypes of schizophrenia after analysing the brain scans of more than 300 patients.

Brain scanning on the move, bike helmet style

14 November, 2019

A wearable bike helmet-style brain scanner — which allows natural movement during scanning — has been used in a UK study to measure brain activity in young children.

What a smart brain looks like

07 August, 2019

German neuroscientists show, using magnetic resonance imaging, that the brains of people with excellent general knowledge are particularly efficiently wired.

New alliance tackles fragility fractures

05 December, 2018

Fragility fractures are a significant risk for the elderly, and a huge burden on healthcare facilities and the economy. A new APAC alliance seeks to tackle this.

Breaking diagnostic boundaries with speed, comfort and confidence

19 November, 2018

New technology solutions have been developed to support a faster, smarter and simpler path to confident diagnosis and improved patient experience.

Blood test reduces risk for brain injury patients

26 July, 2018

A new, high-sensitivity blood test trialled on TBI patients could reduce unnecessary CT scans by one-third.

MRI safe for pacemakers, defibrillators

05 October, 2017

Contrary to earlier beliefs, MRI is safe for cardiac electronic devices, according to new research.

Who am I? Do I have concussion?

07 December, 2016

Concussions can be hard to diagnose, but a new technique using MEG brain scans analysed by machine learning algorithms can help detection, according to a Canadian team of researchers.

Changes to cervical cancer screening

25 October, 2016 by Corin Kelly

Further reading Smith M, Canfell K. Impact of the Australian National Cervical Screening Program in women of different ages. Med J Aust 2016; 205 (8): 359-364.

Sabco Bleach Resistant Microfibre Flat Mop

21 September, 2016 by AHHB

Sabco is proud to announce the ultimate innovation in microfibre: the new MicroFX flat mops range. Thanks to the latest research into yarn development, the next generation microfibre from Sabco is not only the finest microfibre ever, but it also guarantees the longest life performance due to its resistance to strong chemicals, in particular bleach.

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