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Cancer patients miss out on vital heart care

24 June, 2020

A University of Newcastle study has revealed that heart patients with a history of cancer are less likely to receive the heart medications they need.

Digital solution holds hope for atrial fibrillation outcomes

24 June, 2020

A research project underway in western Sydney could see marked improvements for patients with atrial fibrillation.

Transplant success with heart-in-a-box method

18 June, 2020

A new heart transplant method means that a donated heart can now be transported and preserved for longer than previously possible.

Clot buster holds hope for treating COVID-19

10 June, 2020

An Australian-developed anti-clotting drug could treat one of the most devastating, life-threatening complications of COVID-19 — microscopic blood clots.

Concern for Australians missing vital GP visits

22 May, 2020

Tens of thousands of Australians with chronic diseases are putting themselves at risk by missing vital visits to their GP.

Monash device may reduce risk of artery-widening procedure

31 January, 2020

Researchers from Monash University are developing a device to safely and effectively treat the most common cardiovascular disease: atherosclerosis, or narrowing of the arteries.

Heart Foundation highlights smoke haze health risks

09 January, 2020

The Heart Foundation is urging those with conditions such as heart failure, and those aged 65 years and over, to be aware of the risks to their health and the need to protect themselves.

Cardiologists express concern over study complication data

20 December, 2019 by David O’Donnell* and Daniel Cehic**

Unlike the Ganesan study, published in Internal Medicine Journal, GenesisCare cardiologists have found marked variation in complication rates for cardiac device implantation.

Public vs private: similar safety outcomes for heart procedures

18 December, 2019

Public and private hospitals have similar safety outcomes for pacemaker and defibrillator implant surgeries, according to a comparative study.

Call to lower Australian LDL-C targets

15 November, 2019

The release of new European guidelines on dyslipidaemias has called Australia’s LDL-C targets into question.

No need to wait for chest pain diagnosis

10 September, 2019 by Lauren Davis

Assessment times for patients presenting with chest pains can be safely reduced, easing pressure on often overcrowded emergency departments.

Non-physician care reduces heart disease and stroke risk

04 September, 2019

In the 'Hope 4' trial, care was led by non-physician health workers using a computer tablet to help decision-making, working closely with physicians.

Giving new meaning to heartburn

07 June, 2019

A man's chest caught on fire during emergency heart surgery after a dry surgical pack ignited.

IVF link to heart failure

31 May, 2019

Women who conceive via IVF are five times more likely to experience heart failure than women who conceive naturally, according to a new study.

Joint supplement protects heart?

16 May, 2019

New research suggesting that joint supplements may reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease events has been met with scepticism by Australian experts.

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