Transforming Patient Care Through AI-Driven Networking at US-based Atlantic Health System

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Wednesday, 01 November, 2023

Transforming Patient Care Through AI-Driven Networking at US-based Atlantic Health System

US based, Atlantic Health System stands as a paragon of quality healthcare, attending to the needs of over 6.2 million individuals spanning across 12 counties. In the spirit of bolstering health and wellness throughout its expansive community, Atlantic Health System has set forth on a transformative journey. The objective: to usher in an era of enhancing the experiences of patients, healthcare providers and visitors within its extensive network of hospitals, outpatient facilities, and various other locations.

The Role of Wi-Fi in Healthcare

Meraz Nasir, Director of Infrastructure at Atlantic Health System, espouses the critical significance of the patient experience in their healthcare delivery. Whether it's within the precincts of a hospital or an outpatient facility, Atlantic Health System's ambition of providing exceptional care remains unwavering. To this end, a robust and forward-looking network emerges as an indispensable cornerstone for ensuring the seamless delivery of healthcare across its seven hospitals. Furthermore, the US-based network encompasses 23 urgent care centres, a rehabilitation institute, and a rapidly expanding telehealth infrastructure.

The integrated system of different facilities underscores the necessity for a network solution that seamlessly integrates with the existing health IT ecosystem while simultaneously streamlining operations. After conducting exhaustive research, Atlantic Health System turned to Juniper Networks, particularly its Juniper Mist AI solution. The capacity to manage both wired and wireless networks through a cloud-native single pane of glass emerged as a game-changing advantage, promising heightened efficiency, and flexibility in network infrastructure management. This choice was guided by a steadfast commitment to providing an impeccable experience for both patients and healthcare staff, all while ensuring the network remains adaptable to the ever-evolving demands of modern healthcare.

The Harmony of AI and Networking

Juniper's wireless access points and switches were able to synchronise with the Juniper Mist cloud architecture, driven by Mist AI™. This synergy yields optimised user experiences. By employing AI and machine learning, Juniper Mist cloud services automate crucial tasks and proactively tackle network issues, assuring the preservation of established quality-of-service levels. The result is a network that is more predictable, reliable, and measurable, offering real-time insight into user experiences and swift issue resolution through AIOps and automation.

A Giant Leap Toward Patient-Centred Care

The modernisation of Atlantic Health's network infrastructure is well underway, with three hospitals making the transition to Juniper Networks in early 2023. Four more hospitals, totalling 200 sites, are slated for a refresh by the year's end. This transformation introduces a game-changing feature—wireless guest access. Patients and their families can securely connect to guest Wi-Fi via their mobile devices while at Atlantic Health locations, enabling them to stay connected with loved ones, attend to work-related matters, or simply unwind during their appointments or extended stays.

Swift, dependable networking emerges as the cornerstone for enhancing clinical outcomes, care coordination, and operational efficiency. Healthcare professionals can navigate seamlessly without interruptions, ensuring quick and secure access to vital patient data, medical images, and other clinical applications.

The integration of AI-driven operations and a unified management portal simplifies network management across hundreds of locations. Marvis, Juniper's conversational AI virtual network assistant, elevates troubleshooting and expedites issue resolution in real time. Eric Marshott, a network engineer at Atlantic Health System, highlights how this AI assistant brings troubleshooting closer to customers, hastening issue resolution and empowering service partners to manage complex problems without continuous escalation to the engineering team.

A Vision of Patient-Centric Healthcare

Atlantic Health System's adoption of AI-driven networking is a testament to its unwavering commitment to enriching the patient experience, streamlining operations, and advancing healthcare delivery. With Juniper's Mist AI as a trusted ally, Atlantic Health System charts a path toward a healthcare future that seamlessly integrates cutting-edge technology with patient-centred care.

In an era of digital transformation, Atlantic Health System underscores the transformative potential of AI-driven networking in revolutionising healthcare. As the organisation steadfastly upholds its mission of prioritising the well-being of millions of patients and healthcare professionals, the amalgamation of advanced technology and patient-centric care remains at the core of its vision.

To delve deeper into how Juniper Networks is revolutionising the campus network experience, explore more here.

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