Lumary CM: now supporting software functionality specifically developed for HCP service delivery

Tuesday, 29 September, 2020

Recently Adelaide-based HealthTech company, Lumary, launched new functionality within its healthcare platform product, Lumary Care Management (Lumary CM), specifically designed for Home Care Package (HCP) service providers. This feature, which has been co-designed with HCP care providers, is an extension of their healthcare platform and increases Lumary’s specialisation within the aged care industry, helping to provide better care to the ageing population of Australia.

In recent years there has been an increase in the focus on the aged sector and how care is delivered. Current reforms in this area, as well as the call for technological and business model transformation, means that care providers are under pressure to focus on client care and satisfaction. However, this will only be achieved through the use of technology that takes the burden of administration off of the provider, whilst giving them a complete and accurate view of each of their clients.

Integral to the reforms are placing clients at the center of their servicing system, providing them with more choice and control, and structuring the system to support the clients and their families. This reiterates the need for a technology solution that is consumer-centric. This is where the Lumary CM platform, with HCP-specific functionality, assists aged care providers.

“Our job is to hide all the complexities and make things simple for carers so they can focus less on the administrative overheads and compliance and do their job — which is to care, to feel, to nurture. Things that technology and machines can’t do but people do really well. Let the technology handle the stuff we are not great at and let carers do what they do well,” said Lumary VP of Sales, Pete Boyd.

Additionally, businesses will need to ensure they are able to lower costs and optimize business outcomes whilst improving revenue. And the only way providers are going to be able to do this is by leveraging a technology system that allows them to do this whilst keeping the client centre focussed. “Our team has experts with deep practical and legislative knowledge. People may have had lots of practical experience in aged care, but new legislation and rules are different.

You need a balance of knowledge on both sides. The government HCP requirements around leave management, level changes and income-tested fees are incredibly complicated, and this is where Lumary CM allows businesses to achieve both consumer satisfaction and business success,” said Boyd.

So what HCP features does the Lumary CM platform assist with?

  • Meets HCP compliance requirements seamlessly
  • Manages organisational requirements & financial systems
  • Streamlines daily tasks
  • Creates trackable data, anytime, anywhere
  • Builds meaningful data insights which means better quality care
  • Allows transparent engagement with clients
  • Allows more collaborative care: improved client and carer engagement
  • Supports the ageing community to live independently and take control of their at-home healthcare and lifestyle services.

“Perhaps the biggest win with Lumary Care Management is the transparency it enables all stakeholders, including the care recipient, care workers, family and friends, to access the platform and to understand an older person’s needs and progress. This encourages better quality, customised care,” concluded Boyd.

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