Improve Outcomes with the HIMSS EMR Adoption Model and the Right Solutions

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Wednesday, 06 July, 2022

Becoming a digital healthcare organization by increasing access to digital information can help improve patient safety, increase caregiver satisfaction, reduce errors and more.

The HIMSS Electronic Medical Record Adoption Model (EMRAM) is a trusted resource for understanding the EMR journey. The summary of the key stages and our recommendations for relevant technology solutions below will help support digital growth in your organization.

Stage 0

Your organization has not yet installed all the key department systems.

Recommended equipment: Start with a non-powered mobile medical cart like the StyleView® Laptop Cart or CareFit™ Slim Laptop Cart. This allows the care team to experience the benefits of a flexible solution for transporting devices and supplies without an overwhelming feature set.

Stage 1

All major clinical systems are installed with more than 90% of lab data 90% of images available in the Clinical Data Repository (CDR).

Recommended equipment: Implement space-saving wall workstations that are often more budget-friendly but still provide convenient in-room access to digital information.

Stage 2

Caregivers can access the CDR to review results. Policies and procedures for workflows and security training are in place.

Recommended equipment: Choose a mobile laptop cart like the StyleView Laptop Cart. Purchasing a platform for existing technology will help users focus on adapting workflows without learning a new device.

Stage 3

More than 25% of documentation is created using online tools and in the CDR. An electronic medication administration record application (eMAR) is implemented for all medications.

Recommended equipment: Consider the CareFit Slim 2.0 LCD Cart and LiFeKinnex™ Power System. You can easily alternate batteries without having to rely on an outlet. Look for battery technology that’s long-lasting and reliable.

Stage 4

More than 50% of orders are placed using computerized practitioner order entry (CPOE). More than 50% of clinical documentation is created online and in the CDR. Caregivers have access to patient databases for decision making.

Recommended equipment: Look for technology that can accommodate multiple configurations and upgrades. The StyleView Cart with LCD Pivot is a versatile cart that supports several set-ups.

Stage 5

More than 75% of clinical documentation is created using online tools and available in the CDR. More than 25% of medications are electronically identified at the bedside. The organization is tracking timeliness of care to improve efficiency.

Recommended equipment: With the LiFe-powered StyleView Cart with LCD Pivot, you can rely on a long battery life and fast recharge to help ensure uptime.

Stage 6

Medical devices are integrated into the EMR in ICUs. Patient satisfaction is measured using automated digital tools, and patients can access and update some of their personal data. A clinical governance committee helps oversee clinical care outcomes.

Recommended equipment: In addition to non-powered and powered carts, incorporate a variety of wall workstations. This hybrid approach will help meet the needs of a diverse set of users and workflows to encourage adoption.

Stage 7

Your organization works to evaluate and improve patient safety and satisfaction by providing EMR information when and where clinicians need it. The EMR ensures the workflow and content meets the needs of the clinical teams while monitoring compliance.

Recommended equipment: Invest in a fleet of powered, full-featured medical carts like CareFit Pro. It will adapt to your needs and let you view critical information on a large screen to drive care decisions.

Solutions for Each Phase of Your Digital Journey

It’s important to work with a trusted partner like Ergotron who understands the unique equipment needs at every EMR implementation stage. Learn more at

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